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       It looks like if the Cowboys are going to make the Playoffs they are going to have to win the NFC East outright. The Cowboys cannot keep on relying on Romo and late field goals to win games. First of all the Boy's are going to have suck it up and start covering guy's. Since 2008 there has been like a 20% drop off in sacks each year. In 2008 they were #1 in sacks with 59 in 2009 #7 with 42 in 2010 #16 with 35 and this year they are 10th right now with 26. When it comes right down to it the sack stat may not be the most important number, even thuogh it looks good. Dallas through 10 games this year has 110 QB pressures several ahead of what they had after 10 games for the last four years. A QB pressure is when you force a QB out of the pocket other than step up and throw and they have done that well. What they are not doing well is the secondary is not covering and letting teams make big plays. The three games where the Deffensive front and had a lot of pressures and disruptions were against Washington, New York Jets and the 49ers, they had almost 20 each game and the games where they won by a big margin they had there lowest amount of pressures. When you have 20 pressures a game and are averaging 11 per game you should have turnovers and thats something Dallas is not getting. The secondary also has a lot of penalties called against them, and some have been real unnecessary, where the ball has been uncatachable or the ball isn't even thrown to the guy who was fouled. I don't have the Cowboys winning the East, I have the Giants "simply because of the Cowboys secondary" and it's not coaching, it is personal, they are just not that good back there. The teams that beat Dallas this year had one thing in common, they had a good QB who could throw the ball. If not for Romo's mistakes late in the Jet's game and Late in the Pat's game, they are a one loss team. The loss at Philly was ugly and I can deal with that but the game thats probably cost them a wildcard spot is the Detroit loss,coming out after half time and throwing the ball not once but twice. Even though Garrett looked like he learned something and I think he did because they have run it twenty plus times since, it still doesn't bring that loss back. All I can say now is work hard secondary because you have Manning twice and we all know what he's done against the Boy's the last three year's. 


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