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           Bill Parcells has always been known as a draft expert, but did he make the right moves with the Cowboys.?  If you look at some of the moves he made with Dallas it does make you wonder a bit. I won't go into it deep because Dallas fan's know. What would of happen if we had drafted Troy Polamalu instead of Terrence Newman and in 2004 not drafting Stephen Jackson and moving down for Julius Jones then Jacob Rogers and Stephen Peterman then the big one, Bobby Carpenter and a back up Tight End for Notre Dame, Anthony Fasano  "WoW" the thought process behind this is what we all know [he was friends with their Dad] 'But if ever asked his answer would have been 'Well' I have done a good job for Jerry and I "am" allowed to make a mistake every now and then. You did have a guy you could trade in Fasano but you have a first round pic that you couldn't, nobody wanted him.

         Parcells did hit gold with Demarcus Ware but not so much with Spears, Chris  Cantey yes and Dallas still misses him. Demarcus Ware is the best all around deffensive football player in the league right now and the bad thing for other teams is he improves every year. He has got it all, strength, speed and quickness and can cover guy's like Reggie Bush and best of all he is a good person. Ware has played all 11 games this year he has 33 tackles and 6 assist, 14 sacks. He is 4th on the team in tackles, 1st in Sacks and maybe first in the league in sacks. Can you imagine him playing deffensive end full time as just a pass rusher, 30 sacks would not be unreal for him. Jarred Allen is good but he's not Ware. Allen has tackles and sacks and there pretty equal but Allen can't cover, a lot of Wares tackles are on recievers.

           I just read about the grading the NFL has and it started in 2000. The numbers end up from 20 to 25. For the 10 year's the Cowboys graded out at 23.8 and I think they were like 6 overall which is pretty good, I didn't think they would be close to that.also to let you know it's only a few percentage points that seperate the teams anyway. The worst years of the draft was 2003 to 2007 combined with 2009 whaen Dallas had 13 picks and in which I don't think I could name but one player who is on that team from the draft and I may be wrong on that Victor Butler and Stephen McGhee. The repot said that if Dallas had drafted Tony Romo and Miles Austin they would had enough points to be in top spot. I am always upset with their draft but when compared to most it's not really bad.


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