Now that Tim Tebow has won his fifth out of six games as the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos, I'm starting to wonder what role God is playing in this success.

Could it be that God is very proud of this young man for being so devout in his faith, so giving to those downtrodden, that he is being rewarded with this wild success? I don't know what God thinks. I've often heard that God has bigger issues on His agenda than who wins NFL football games. Probably so.

But I do know that Tebow's faith is real. He is not a fake. When a guy wins a football game and says that, while the win is important, what's more important in his life is the work he's doing for poor people, that bettering their lives is what matters more, you get the feeling he's serious. I believe he's serious. I don't believe he's putting on some holier than thou act. And I don't mind him at all thanking his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ after victories, and kneeling down in a sign of prayer and thanksgiving after a touchdown or victory.

This bothers some people, I realize, that he wears his religious faith on his Broncos jersey. But I ask you this: Does this bother you more than the guys who score touchdowns and dance and strut, and pull out Sharpie pens and the like? One is genuine and all about giving thanks to a higher power; the other is about saying "look at how great I am?" Couldn't be more different in intent and focus. A good guy stands apart from all the guys who give themselves all the credit for their wordly riches.

What is becoming most intriguing about this Tebow success story--beyond the gratification of defying his millions of critics and doubters--is how his teammates have responded to him. When he joined the Broncos a few years ago, I feel sure many on the team were cynical about him, turned off by his public outpourings of faith in God. What they've come to realize is that he's not a fake. The world can turn on phonies fast. Tebow risked turning off people by professing his faith. But his teammates know now that he's someone special. He is inspiring them in ways I imagine they've never been inspired before. My guess is many guys on the team had never been exposed to a person of such intense faith in a higher power. Few of us have. They're learning that there's a guy on their team who possesses that faith. They're intrigued by it. They're intrigued with him. Tebow has a heart the size of the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

As a result, they're playing football with a different mentality than before Tebow became the starter. They take the field knowing they have this guy on their team they can turn to in times of difficulty, when the games get close, when they can hardly stand the pressure. He calms their nerves, makes them see more clearly. He is their leader, and they want him to be. He is not God nor Jesus. But he is their higher power.


November 28, 2011  11:32 AM ET

Did you notice how quiet that stadium wan when the fans realized that Tebow was about to will his team to win? Maybe San Diego fans are not very good 12th men, fans that try to disrupt an offense as it makes a march down the field. Or perhaps they were just shocked into submission by the inevitability of that march. If Tebow can implant some doubt into those with strong non-beliefs, that there is a God, then he can do nothing but make the world a better place.

November 28, 2011  05:35 PM ET

That being said I was waiting for the Ark of the Covenant to appear and have Tim open it up and smite all the Chargers defensive players. TEBOW TEBOW TEBOW

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