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Rivalry week has come and gone. It now looks like fans up in Michigan can hold their heads up high after that scrappy win. I had the privilege to be able to attend THE GAME in Ann Arbor this year. My brother got tickets to the game and we got to storm the field after the big win. What a great atmosphere! Glad I could attend such a HUGE rival and be able to see an awesome game at the same time. Don't get to excited Michigan, Urban Meyer is about to bring the pain to "that school up north". Now it is time to discuss rivalry week.

1) LSU vs Arkansas seemed to be set for an upset when Arkansas went up 14-0. Then out of no where LSU does what they do best, just beat the crud out of the other team and grind away at opponents with the running game. By the 4th quarter it seemed Arkansas could not stop anything. LSU now looks forward to pounding Georgia for the SEC title. LSU needs to win out to create MASS BCS chaos!


2) Lets keep it down south. Auburn was humiliated by its rival Alabama in the IRON BOWL. What a game. Alabama wanted to tell the nation they are the best team in the country next to LSU and would like that second spot in the National Title game.


3) Michigan finally beat Ohio State this year. It only took Ohio State being down and coach less and some lucky breaks for Michigan to get the win but it happened. Ohio State's QB Miller is going to do wonders for Urban Meyer next year. He kept Ohio State in the game the whole time. Michigan will only be getting better with Denard and most of the team returning. Going to be an interesting BIG-10 race next year.


4) Texas A&M was a TOP 10 pick. They now have fallen to 6-6 after losing to rebuilding Texas. The SEC wants Texas A&M why? Texas offense could not get out of its own way most of the night until the final drive. Looks like Texas found its QB of the future. Just settle on Mccoy-2 and get rolling. Texas A&M will want to schedule the rival game again just to redeem themselves. Have fun waiting until 2019 to play again since both of the schools are cry babies and could not work out a deal. I am sure it is important for Texas to play New Mexico instead of its RIVAL Texas A&M.


5) Georgia won its 10th straight game vs Georgia Tech. Georgia has been on a roll but missed playing all the top teams from the SEC West. No LSU, Bama, or Arkansas on the schedule will do wonders for a coach. Guess we will all find out what Georgia is made of when they play LSU this coming week.


6) Virginia Tech is starting to show the nation what they are made of when it matters. Final week of the season when pollsters are watching, they blowout a rival...BAD! How convenient that V-Tech looks like a good team when they are in the TOP 5 of the BCS and are looking to play for the title. Got to love how "great" the BCS is. V-tech struggled vs Duke, East Carolina, Arkansas State, and even Miami this season. Yeah, they are ready for BIG TIME this year!


7) Florida State and Florida was an interesting game. Without any turnovers, their probably would not have been any scoring. FSU now owns the state of Florida since beating UF and UM this season. Going to be an interesting recruiting battle. Florida just needs a QB. Florida's defense played it's hearts out but was left at the wrong end of the field when the offense would turn the ball over.


8) Can you believe this. Utah could have gone to the PAC-12 title game to play Oregon if they would have only beat Colorado. The PAC-12 South is as big a mess as the BIG EAST. With all the crud going down in the PAC-12 south, it cost some coaches their job. Arizona fired and has found a new coach (Rich Rod), Arizona State will be searching, UCLA will be searching. In the PAC-12 North Washington State will need a new coach. Will someone please give Mike Leach a call. I bet he ends up at one of these schools mentioned. He won 8 games in a tough BIG-12 South and can do wonders at a PAC-12 school.

9)BIG EAST will probably end up in a HUGE TIE BREAKER but Louisville has my vote. West Virginia will probably win out and get the nod for the BCS vote. What a JOKE! I hope they change the system to avoid stuff like this happening.

10)Wisconsin handled business to set up a rematch with Michigan State. I look forward to the BIG-10 title game. Wisconsin's running back Monte Ball scoring like crazy I bet he would have Heisman voters talking about him if they did not lose to Ohio State.



The Season has been great. I think we will see a SEC TITLE game for the BCS. It will be a lot better than seeing Oklahoma State, Virginia Tech, or Stanford going to bat vs LSU and get manhandled. I also argue that Bama had their chance and Oklahoma State or Stanford should get their shot but Oklahoma will beat Oklahoma State like it always does. Stanford lost to Oregon who got manhandled by LSU. So it is all up in the air. Lots more changes to happen in college football but mainly with Coaches being Fired and moving to new schools. Look for Houston to win out and for their coach to be a TOP BCS candidate.


Now lets do some picks:

Oregon 64 UCLA 14 ( It is bad for Ucla and it will only get worse)

Houston 49 Southern Miss 42 (shootout for C-USA title)

LSU 38 Georgia 10 (DEFENSE wins championships)

Oklahoma 42 Oklahoma State 28 (BEDLAM BABY)

Virginia Tech 28 Clemson 17 ( V-tech redeems itself)

Northern Illinois 38 Ohio 24 (MAC games are just fun)



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