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Ok I have sat around thinking for weeks now how can the BCS improve to the point less complaining about it happens. Mind brain stormed from everything to eliminating automatic qualifiers all together to dropping automatic qualifier status for confernce champs from the Big 6 who don't finish in the Top 10. Meaning this year there would be no ACC or Big East Champion in a BCS Bowl. I think even that little step would help college football even though I know none of the commissioners would go for that.

 So here is what I came up with using the final BCS poll of the season. I gave games a point value. Here it is in a nutshell

Beat a team in the Top 5 10 pts

                              6 - 10  9pts

                             11-15   8pts

                             16-20   7pts

                             21-25   6pts

                             26 and under 5 points

Lose to a top 5 team 4pts, 6-10 3pts, 11-20 2pts, 21 and lower 1pt. Play and FCS school 0pts.

The end results were surprising but nothing vastly different from the final BCS standings. The important thing that messed up some teams was scheduling FCS opponents that zero can be costly.

Without further ado.

Team           BCS finish      my poll            my total points                  my average points

LSU                 1                   1                         78                                        6.00

Bama              2                   5                         60                                        5.00

Ok St              3                   2                         67                                        5.58

Stanford         4                   4                         63                                        5.25

Oregon          5                    5                         63                                        4.84

Arky               6                   7(tie)                   58                                        4.83

Boise             7                   6                          59                                        4.91

Kan St           8                   14(tie)                  55                                        4.58

S.Car            9                    16(tie)                  54                                        4.50

Wisky           10                  7(tie)                    58                                        4.46

VaTech         11                  16(tie)                   54                                        4.15
Baylor           12                  16(tie)                  54                                        4.50
Michigan       13                  14(tie)                  55                                        4.58
OKlahoma     14                 10(tie)                   57                                       4.75
Clemson       15                  10(tie)                  57                                        4.38
UGA             16                   12(tie)                  56                                       4.30
MSU             17                   7                           58                                      4.46
TCU              18                  20                         52                                       4.33
Houston       19                 12(tie)                   56                                        4.30
Nebraska      20                 21(tie)                   49                                        4.08
So. Miss.      21                 16(tie)                   54                                        4.15
PSU             22                 21(tie)                    49                                       4.08
WVU            23                28                           46                                        3.83
Texas           24               23(tie)                     47                                        3.91
Auburn         25               23(tie)                    47                                        3.91
The tie breakers that I used first is per game average which is why Stanford ended up higher than Oregon even though their total score was the same. Plus that rewarded Stanford for not scheduling a FCS opponent when Oregon did.
Giving points for losses helped some teams actually get I higher ranking the one team that was most assisted by this was Auburn who had losses to the BCS 1,2,6,15, and 16 which was all their losses. They were also rewarded pretty good for having beat the BCS 9 on their field.
Scheduling FCS opponents hurt Bama, Oregon, Clemson, WVU, Va Tech, Arkansas, MSU, and TCU the most but had little effect on LSU due to their wins over Oregon, Bama, and Arky who were in the top ten.
My final poll looked like this
1. LSU
2. Ok St
3. Stanford
4. Oregon
5. Bama
6. Boise St
7. Arky - Higher average than Wisconson and Michigan St
8. Wisconson - Beat Michigan St in the Championship Game
9. Michigan St- Lost to Wisconson in Championship Game
10. Oklahoma - Higher average than Clemson no FCS opponents
11. Clemson - FCS opponent 13 games hurt average
12. Georgia - Tied Houston overal and by average both lost CCG so went with BCS as tiebreaker
13. Houston - see above
14. Kansas St - tiebreaker with Michigan is BCS rank
15. Michigan
16. So. Carolina - tiebreaker with Baylor BCS rank
17. Baylor
18. So. Miss - tiebreaker with Va Tech won CCG
19 VaTech
20. TCU
21. Nebraska - tiebreak with PSU was BCS rank
22. PSU
23. Texas - tiebreaker with Auburn BCS rank
24 Auburn
25. WVU
So given my system. LSU would be playing Oklahoma State in the Big Game. I have a feeling this year though may be there year that the BCS really gets blown up because now a billionaire in T. Boone Pickens is pissed off cause his team got the snub. I expect a shake up of some sort next year because he has the money to make it happen which is the difference between Utah\TCU\Boise St's snubs in previous years and this year to some extent. Let the debate begin.
December 6, 2011  06:14 PM ET

I hate fannation. That blog was way cleaner than that when I typed it. Now I wouldn't even want to read it.

December 7, 2011  01:30 PM ET

lsu ala game 2 who care's we watched them once already lsu is a better team so move on to the next team anyhow when miles moves on they will investigate lsu and they will go down like miami usc and other college's that can't keep dirty money out of their pocket's,a straight college don't have a chance against money and greed just pay the players and call it semi pro

December 14, 2011  11:28 AM ET

Do like the way you sort out the numbers. I guess the only issue would be week-to-week your rankings would jump around a lot based on what your opponents did.

December 14, 2011  11:29 AM ET

I hate fannation. That blog was way cleaner than that when I typed it. Now I wouldn't even want to read it.

Do like the way you sort out the numbers. I guess the only issue would be week-to-week your rankings would jump around a lot based on what your opponents did.


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