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Hey Everybody and Happy Holidays from FanNation!

As the first inaugural Holiday blog done by me, I’d like to thank all my readers for a very fun year of comments and reads. I’ll be taking it easy over the next few weeks by cutting down on the quips and wild opinions., but will certainly give you my famous scored predictions as usual.

AI goes to Denver. Too bad I could care less about the NBA. I am a very active recreational basketball player. I think basketball, which was invented in my home city of Springfield, MA, is one of the most innovative and simple (best) sports ever created. Anyone can play it, and it is a great form of exercise as well. Unforunately, the NBA has been taken over by hip hop culture and the negatives that come with it. This is not a racist statement, and I hope everyone can understand where I come from when I say this. There are too many players in the NBA more concerned about their street cred than their court cred. I see players sitting on the bench, looking into the stands at girls while their coach tries to formulate a plan. There’s no civility, discipline, or respect in the game anymore.

Melo is also one of the most pathetic fighters in the history of conflict. Did anyone really notice that half B-word slap he laid on that guy, they have him run away like he was getting chased by a bunch of lions? Pathetic, absolutely pathetic. I wouldn’t have felt as strongly about this had he fought like a real man and pounded everyone in there. The dude is 6’8”. He has got to weigh over 230 lbs. How can he not know how to fight? Oh I forgot, these NBA players don’t have to fight, they just shoot their gaats. Alright, I just am pissed about how these NBA players make themselves look. Throw AI into the mix with Carmelo and we’ll have some real street gangsters in Denver, won’t we. For the sake of the NBA, David Stern has to just kick out all these guys and make people who actually WANT to play perform. The talent level is extremely deep in basketball, it’s not like the best players in the world come from the streets of the United States. Look at USA basketball. Enough said.

I couldn’t help myself, one more thing. The next time a 6’8” athlete fights like a little girl, they should be kicked out of the league for good. How is that going to frighten any other countries if all our players can’t fight? If we ever see a real good fight on a basketball court in the US, then maybe our intimidation factor will be increased to the point where we’ll win Olympic Gold. If an NBA player can prove a good fighter, then David Stern should make him a worldwide ambassador, no, an ambadassador. And instead of fining the player, they should give him money. I’m angry at the NBA and its players.

Okay, as for the NFL. How about that NFL? This entire season is one roller coaster. It’s so hard to determine the best NFL seasons in recent history because each season is so unique, that it’s almost impossible to determine which season you enjoyed watching. Most people like me feel as though “this” season is the best. No one remembers all the great moments of years past, but who doesn’t remember the good memories of this year? Actually to be honest, I can’t remember anything after last week. I guess that’s just how the NFL works. The product on the field is the best thing ever. All the time, nothing can compare to “this season”, “this game”, “this play”. That’s what makes the game so great.

Week 16 is a special time, as it is the finale of most fantasy football seasons. Welcome to the fantasy football extravaganza that is Week 16! If you haven’t been able to tell that I’m a fantasy football guy, you must wear a helmet and sit in the corner of the room with a sash that says #1 Special Man! I somehow made it to the finale by beating an LJ, Palmer, Houshmandzadeh, Jones-Drew, and Baltimore D-stacked team last week in an inexplicable turn of events. Thankfully, ALL of his players tanked on their week 15 stats, and I luckily missed facing off with LT, Marvin Harrison, and the Tennessee D. I didn’t so much as win as he did lose, and now I’m basically screwed because I’m facing the powerhouse Harrison Cougars with LT and company. All I can do is get a few waiver wire gems for my depleted team and pray. I’ll catch y’all on the flip side!

Onto the NFL Picks for Week 16

Vikings @ Packers, Thursday 8pm

            Well, I had to get this game into the blog before it started, and luckily it looks like I’ve made it. I got a Christmas party to go to in a few minutes, so I’ll try and keep it short. I’m glad this game is on NFL network, so no one has to see this fecal game. I can’t even guess what’s going to happen. The defenses aren’t good, but the offenses are so bad that they won’t be able to score. I’ll give it to Favre and the Pack. Why? Rookie QB at the helm for the Vikings. They aren’t the Bucs, a backup QB isn’t going to just start winning games for them. Not against Favre, who I love, but I truly believe he might be one of the most overrated QBs ever. He has thrown for 20 interceptions more times that anyone in his career (I believe), and he had a great defense to help him win that one Super Bowl. If he didn’t win a Super Bowl, I don’t think he’s a first-ballot hall of famer. What do you guys think?

            Final Score: Packers 21, Vikings 13

Chiefs @ Raiders, Saturday 8pm

            Hold onto your hats for this one folks! LJ is going to run wild in spite of his lack of TDs over the last 3 weeks. I think it’s hilarious if you look at the TD leaders in the NFL, and you see LT with 28, and LJ in 2nd place with a measly 13. LT has doubled everyone, how is that possible? Although I love LT, LJ is my kind of running back, and if he didn’t have all the mental issues he’s been burdened with (apparently the Chiefs coaches on numerous occasions have had to console him for sobbing uncontrollably on the sidelines after a series, among other things) he’d be regarded as the most physical and smartest runner in football. I know its not fair to compare LT and LJ since they are so different and in their own ways the best back in football, but you can’t avoid it. LJ runs like Earl Campbell in this one and goes off for 165 yards and 3 TDs. Chiefs win a meaningless game.

            Final Score: Chiefs 28, Raiders 9

Colts @ Texans, Sunday 1pm

            Manning and the Colts roll over the Texans. Ron Dayne is not a good matchup for the run defense of the Colts, but last week’s defensive display was the coming out party for Dwight Freeney and the rest of the D. With David Carr opposing them, the Colts D will put up big numbers as well as their offense. Big points if they don’t throttle back and coast through the 2nd half. By the way, have the Colts EVER lost to the Texans?

            Final Score: Colts 42, Texans 10

Bears @ Lions, Sunday 1pm

            Here we go, another week, another Lion-rape. I don’t know if FanNation will let me use that kind of lingo, but essentially, I was trying to get to the point that the Lions will get plowed. I’m afraid for the welfare of Jon Kitna and Arlen Harris, who is apparently starting for Kevin Jones. That draft looked so promising for the Lions, when they picked up Roy Williams and Kevin Jones in the first round. Obviously KJ wasn’t going to be a Barry Sanders, but he is pretty talented, especially in the Mike Martz offense. It’s a shame to see KJ go down with that bad foot injury. There are rumors circulating that he might not make it back for 2007! The luck of the one that we won’t speak of. Rex Grossman will probably be able to have a decent game this time because, lets face the fact that the Lions can’t do anything right. Poor Lions, Urlacher is going to kill someone and the Bears roll, much to the joy of Josh.

            Final Score: Bears 34, Lions 11

Panthers @ Falcons, Sunday 1pm

            What happened to the Panthers is like asking what happened to that little boy after giving Mean Joe Green a Coke, then getting his jersey in return. Hmm, I was going

somewhere but it was too inappropriate to continue. To put it frankly, the Panthers were possibly one of the most overrated teams ever in the history of the NFL. I’m sticking with my opinion that small wide receivers (Steve Smith) might score TDs, but they can’t single handedly help a team win games. If Steve Smith was big and strong, he’d make more of an impact. Possession receivers will live forever in the NFL. The small fast ones are just a flash in the pan, a fad soon to die out in the future NFL. All Michael Vick needs is a tall, fast WR to run down the field and make adjustments to catch those awfully inaccurate passes he launches. Javon Walker was a perfect choice, but the Falcons didn’t make a move on him and Denver snatched him up. The Falcons take this one and try and stake their claim in the NFC playoff conundrum. What a horrible conference this has become, with almost zero star power and mediocre teams. Not even the cities in the NFC are as sexy as the AFC. It’s funny if you think about it, how a great player in the AFC gets traded to the NFC, and all of a sudden he’s not great anymore. Being in the AFC has a certain prominence about it, making any team, player, coach, more important and special. Gotta love that NFC.

            Final Score: Falcons 28, Panthers 17

Patriots @ Jaguars, Sunday 1pm

            I don’t think the Pats are going to win this game, or next week’s game against Tennesee, but its so hard to bet against Brady and the gang. They scored the most pathetic 40 points last week I’ve seen in quite some time. They scored that much by accident. Insane field position all game long. If Carr didn’t throw 4 interceptions, the Pats might have scored 20 points tops. They are just out of synch and are heading for an early playoff exit, that is if they even hold on to make it at 10-6. Jags are going to win this game because they match up well against the Pats, and are a similarly designed team. There are a lot of foils between both teams, but the Jags are just playing better football right now.

            Final Score: Jaguars 24, Patriots 17

Ravens @ Steelers, Sunday 1pm

            Funny story about Willie Parker. My friend went to UNC and after winning the Super Bowl, Willie went to his alma mater and attended a basketball game. Apparently when he showed up dressed in his OWN Steelers jersey, he was shown on the jumbo tron and cheered unrelentingly. The funny thing about it is that Parker was only a backup on the Tar Heels football team. He played one year. Granted he’s proved himself as a hell of a running back, but its funny when you see a guy soak up his own glory with a bunch of people who probably didn’t think he was that good in college. As for the game, this is a fun game at the end of the season because the Defending Champs are playing so well right now against a team whose trying to make a run at the Super Bowl themselves. Two teams with different agendas, but the Steelers’ pride is too large, and they’ll somehow beat the Ravens D.

            Final Score: Steelers 22, Ravens 20

Redskins @ Rams, Sunday 1pm

            Give credit to the Skins for their great win against the Saints. Perhaps they can do the same against the Rams. I feel like I haven’t heard anything about the Skins all year long. I like their uniforms because they are so primal, and they contrast well with the green grass on the field. Plus it’s hard to not imagine those players doing all the Super Bowl Champion Redskins celebrations and John Riggins running people down like a snowplow. I’ll give this game to Ladell Betts 1000 yard season and the Redskins.

            Final Score: Redskins 21, Rams 16

Saints @ Giants, Sunday 1pm

            The Saints rebound after a tough loss against the Skins last week. Reggie Bush scores mucho pointos for my fantasy team and he eclipses 100 receptions next week. Giants miss the playoffs this year, watch it happen. I’d be afraid of them next year with that monster Brandon Jacobs getting 25 carries a game. The discipline and chemistry isn’t quite there yet, but they are probably the most talented team in the NFC.

            Final Score, Saints 31, Giants 24

Titans @ Bills, Sunday 1pm

            Wow I got blindsided hardcore by the Bills last week. And Vince Young didn’t win the game for the Titans last week, the defense scored a trifecta! Unbelieveable game last week, but don’t expect too much from them this week. I’m sticking with the Titans for this one, but the Bills definatley turned my head last week. Maybe they’ll be good next year and challenge the division crown? Stay tuned.

            Final Score: Titans 20, Bills 17

Buccaneers @ Browns, Sunday 1pm

            Tim Rattay saves the day! Gruden’s coaching staff has got to be given credit for how well they teach their backups. Granted, Rattay is a veteran, but still. Look at the rap sheet, Shaun King, Chris Simms, Bruce Gradkowski, Tim Rattay. Seems like every time a backup comes off the bench and plays for the Bucs, they have an impressive game. Too bad they can’t keep it up after the first few weeks. This game is a battle of futility. Two teams who have little life left but this will still be an interesting game to watch. I can see some fairly decent points being posted. Both teams have proved they can score big on the occasional game, and perhaps both teams will have a good game. This is the most BSed prediction ive ever done. I simply don’t care about these teams and I can’t find anything interesting about them. Kellen “the Soldier” Winslow is a good player, and so is Braylon Edwards. They’ll both have TDs in this game. Alright, no more BSing, lets get onto something more interesting.

            Final Score: Browns 31, Bucs 27

Cardinals @ 49ers, Sunday 4:05pm

            Short and sweet, the Cards take this game much to the 49ers dismay. The Cardinals are playing confidently right now and will probably throw all up and down the field on the 49ers secondary. Edgerrin James is going to reach 1000 yards in this game (gasp!). What were the odds that he’d make it after the 55 yard performance against Chicago? Overrated. Wanna talk about someone who isn’t overrated, Frank the Tank Gore is filthy good, and he’ll run for another 170 yards today. I know huge prediction right? It’s going to happen. He ran for 2 TDs during the first meeting, and I’d expect another statement game for the Pro Bowler. From where I come from though, passing outscores running over an extended period of time. Advantage Arizona, and I’m gonna go on a cliché romp and say a win is in the Cards for AZ. I’m ashamed I just did that.

            Final Score: Cardinals 28, 49ers 27

Bengals @ Broncos, Sunday 4:15pm

            My Bungals let me down last week, but I don’t feel bad in the slightest about it. I called a shootout and thankfully, it wasn’t. If it was, there was no way I’d be eligible to win my fantasy league this week! What are the chances of Carson Palmer throwing for 0 TDs and fumbling 3 times? It was so bittersweet to accept defeat on the predictions, but get rewarded with a win in fantasy. Don’t expect them to flop hard this week though. Although Denver’s defense has been touted at times during 2006, we all know that it’s basically done with. Bengals win this one in impressive fashion.

            Final Score: Bengals 35, Denver 24

Chargers @ Seattle, Sunday 4:15pm

            The Hawks will play those Chargers tough, but too much talent for the Bolts and too much inconsistency for the Hawks. Maybe LT will gauge back a little and not score 4 TDs this week. If he does, I’m probably out of some real money because I’ll lose the fantasy playoffs. Message to Philip Rivers, throw Antonio Gates the damn ball! Just don’t let LT hold onto the football in the red zone, or “Gold Zone” as those classy San Diegons say. Chargers glide into homefield advantage and never look back. The only good news for Peyton Manning is that San Diego is a little warmer than New England this time of year.

            Final Score: Chargers 24, Seattle 17

Eagles @ Cowboys, Monday 5pm

            So how does T.O. celebrate Christmas with all his old friends? I think that someone just needs to physically beat up T.O. to within an inch of his life or he’ll continue being a little baby. “Yeah I spit in that fools face, he got in my head and bothered me!” (not the actual quote). Who says something like that, gosh how pathetic. This guy is like 34 years old and he acts like he’s an 11 year old problem child. Throw this kid into the Marines and make him a man. Too bad, so much talent and athleticism, no head for the game (or anything else). Garcia won last week. I don’t believe he’ll put through again, it would be amazing if he did but the Boys are a much better team top to bottom. Unfortunately T.O. will get his Christmas present and win a game against the “gay man” and his arch rival Donovan who’ll be on the sidelines.

            Final Score: Cowboys 26, Eagles 17

Jets @ Dolphins, Monday 8:30pm

            A Double-Play-For-The-Holiday special. It’s too bad they didn’t put these games on NFL network, because then NFL network subscribers would increase 100x on Christmas, as everyone would put the cable station on their X-mas lists. They got some real fools in their marketing department apparently if they haven’t figured that out. Alright enough with the nonsense, we got a little fantasy thing to talk about. Having the 10th and last pick in the fantasy draft back in September, I took the best player on the board, who was apparently Ronnie Brown. He scored twice in the first week, but ran for 3 TDs for the rest of the year before getting injured on Thanksgiving. Wow, way to go jerk. Anyway, he has a chance to redeem himself with a huge game against the Jets, one of the worst run defense teams in the league (25th or so). Wouldn’t it be so ironic if in the playoff finale that he pulls off an LT, distinguishes himself as the one that mattered in the end, and I ended up beating LT and company for the money? It might just all be a dream. Dolphins win this one because I don’t like the Jets.

            Final Score: Dolphins 27, Jets 21


Alright guys that’s it. No more long blogs for awhile, but I’ll still give you the scores and such. Happy Holidays!!!


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