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This is my first DP&S post in a while.  I'm bored, and I don't have to work tomorrow, so I've had a few hits from the bottle, so I decided to break out some music.


There's no real theme to this blog, and I don't really have a lot to say before I get to the music. 

I'm just gonna post my favorie songs made since the year 2000.  Most of my songs that I post are from the 70's, and for the most part I haven't posted many newer songs, so I thought I'd give them a shout out tonight. 

I don't want this blog to be dom Eric Church and Jamey Johnson, so I'm limiting myself to one song per artist.  I'm also gonna try to not post any songs that I've posted in previous blogs, where I've already posted my favorite Brantley Gilbert and Jamey Johnson songs. 

Feedback would be appreciated, please comment


Let's get to the music.


First up,

Eric Chirch- Smoke a Little Smoke

Should be aprreciated by the users of wacky tobacky.  A song about letting your worries disappear by drinking and taking a hit of some weed.  Eric Church is my favorite singer out there today, and this ismy favorite song he sings.  Hope you enjoy.



Rhett Akins- Granddaddy's Gun

My favorite musician of the last 20 years.  You won't find a more uderrated singer, and songwriter.  I've already blogged about him, but for some reason, I left his song off the blog.  This is off the Bone Collector's album, the album Ilisten to he most during deer season. 



Martina McBride- I'm Gonna Love you Through It

Anyone that knows anyone that has battled cancer can relate to this song, and that means pretty much everyone can relate.  I've never been much of a Martina McBride fan, but this is her newest song, and she absolutely nailed it.  Easily the best song of er career.



Chris Young- The Man I Wanna Be

This song wouldn't work with any other singer out there than Chris Young.  It fits his voice perfectly.  He's one of the best singers out there today, and very unappreciated.  A song about a man trying to change.



Pistol Annies with Miranda Lambert- Hell on Heels

This song is kind of messed up when you read the lyrics, but I can't stop listening to it.  I'd hate to get on the bad side of these girls. 



Luke Kaufman- B.R.S.O.B

I posted another one of Luke's songs on the rodeo blog, but this is my favorite song of his.  I met Luke when he was announcing a local rodeo, and I bought a CD from him, and I really lke his style of music, and I hope he makes it big someday.


Last, but not least,

Jamey Johnson- Angel

This is the best video I could find of the song.  It's off the That Lonesome Song album, which many experts call te County Album of the decade.  Just a song about not knowing if he's right or wrong.


Thanks for liustening

December 6, 2011  11:24 PM ET

martina mcbride has a couple tear jerkers. concrete angel was one for me. at first i loved it, and then it kind of depressed me. this one is good, but i def like happy girl and more of her upbeat songs.

December 7, 2011  12:23 AM ET

Eric Church.

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December 7, 2011  02:39 PM ET

Great blog, gotta agree that Jamey Johnson is as good as it gets, young Waylon without the filters that Waylon had to put up with. Miranda Lambert is just stronger than rent, that little girl is just got scary talent, can't wait to hear what she has to say when she gets a few more miles on her

December 7, 2011  05:32 PM ET

Thanks for listening everybody.

December 7, 2011  05:33 PM ET

martina mcbride has a couple tear jerkers. concrete angel was one for me. at first i loved it, and then it kind of depressed me. this one is good, but i def like happy girl and more of her upbeat songs.

I do like upbeat songs as well, but as a fan of old school Country, I like the tear jerkers too.

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December 7, 2011  09:02 PM ET

I love your blogs Outlaw-izzie.

December 7, 2011  09:41 PM ET

Eric is growing on me

Martina rocks

Chris Young has the old school sound

BRSoB is good

And finally, I know I'm right and you're wrong.

December 7, 2011  09:42 PM ET

So there you have it!

December 7, 2011  09:45 PM ET

Eric is growing on meMartina rocksChris Young has the old school soundBRSoB is goodAnd finally, I know I'm right and you're wrong.

Thanks for listening, but did you like Rhett Akins?

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