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  College Football Week 14 Conference Championship week

Conference Championship Week has come and gone. No real surprises but some surprising out comes. It is always fun to see these games because teams go all out and surprise everyone. Heck, Georgia looks primed to pull the upset when they held LSU without a first down for the whole first half...but LSU has the Honey Badger and he did not let LSU go quietly into the night which would have led to BCS chaos.

-1-LSU will beat Georgia. I called it. Everyone called it. Did anyone expect Georgia to keep it that close for that long. Georgia looked prime to pull an upset but kicked itself in the foot to often and o early to capitalize on LSU's slow start. LSU just has such depth and talent to run at any team. Maybe Georgia showed some weakness that Alabama will expose in the National Title game. (Yes it is a rematch but I will talk about that another time....BCS must go...MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL)

-2-Want to watch a boring football game. Watch the PAC-12 title game. No disrespect to Oregon. They are a great team but man what a boring first PAC-12 title game. I really hope Matt Barkley stays so the title game next year can be competitive vs Oregon. Oregon's BLUR offense is so fun to watch unless you are "slick" Rick on the UCLA sideline watching. What a horrible way to go. What happened to UCLA? If conference expansion is about Football then why did the PAC-12 not get BOISE. (Yes I know they have horrible everything else and the academics are not up to par with Stanford but "come on man"). CONGRATS to OREGON

-3-BIG EAST...not even gonna talk about what a mess that is. All it does is get me fired up at how horrible that conference is outside of basketball season. It just boils my blood to hear things in the news about the BIG EAST. UCONN should have fun traveling 3000 miles to go play San Diego State now. At least the weather will be nice!

-4-Speaking of getting my blood boiled, did you see the end of the BIG-10 Title game? What a great finish. WHAT WAS MICHIGAN STATE THINKING? I know a blocked punt changes everything but you can not run into the kicker when the game is on the line. MSU even returned the punt to the 5 yard line. I was so mad to see that game end on a stupid penalty. What an amazing game to see both teams score anytime they wanted. I guess how the game ended is Karma for Wisconsin losing on the hail may last time they played. I wish Michigan State could have made a BCS bowl but I guess Virginia Tech is a better fit in the Sugar Bowl. Egh!

-5- CLEMSON, CLEMSON, CLEMSON! So glad they steered the ship right and won the ACC championship. I thought beating Virginia Tech so bad was super awesome but I guess no one cared since V-tech is now in the Sugar pays to lose. BCS needs some work.

-6-BEDLAM. I really thought Oklahoma would pull the upset but I was wrong. Oklahoma State's offense just rolls on anyone they play. Guess we will never know if LSU's defense could stop them. Glad the Pokes won BEDLAM and reversed the curse.

-7-ROBERT GRIFFIN=HEISMAN. He can throw and run the ball all over the place. He is the second coming of Tim Tebow. I hope he wins. All other candidates choked on the big stage except for Trent Richardson.

Now Bowl season is upon us. There will be a lot of great match ups to see. Are you excited as I am to see Boise vs (6-6) Arizona State in the Vegas Bowl? What a mess. Let me know your thoughts on how the BCS turned out. I am sure you have an opinion.

BCS needs some changes. I think the BCS needs to be abolished. BCS is ruining our fan experience. As long as Money is in play then the BCS will stay. A playoff has worked for Appalachian State and all the other teams in it division. I am sure it will work for the FBS division and everyone will get on board. It will need tweaks and changes but at least a playoff is in the right direction. Bet everyone in the Pac-12 and BIG-12 wish they got on board with the PLUS-1 system!


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