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This rollercoaster we call football is quite a doozie...last week my niners take down the division leading seahawks and this week we fall to the division worst cardinals...so i'm at the game on sunday...i fly up from la with a buddy of mine, take it easy saturday night- all in preparation of sundays festivities...if you have never been to candlestick aka monster park aka the huge pile of crap that it is, hold back for a bit till they get a new stadium...i'm not from the bay area, but candlestick might be one of the worst areas for a sporting event today...none the less, we get to the game and expect to roll all over the visiting cardinals...

I was so excited for the game...i personally didnt care if we made the playoff this year, but man would it be great if we did for the players sake...give those kids a look at what football is all about and how much hard work it takes each year to get there..growing up and loving the niners was easy...each year they made the playoffs and had a good run depending on the team...the past few years have been among the botttom of the barrel in the league...i'm not dissapointed by losing to the cardinals on sunday at all, but i'm confused who we are right about now...

last week against seattle, the niners made the adjustments at halftime and played tough on both sides of the ball...looking at the highlights we looked hungry, reminescent of a playoff team...i do not get how that hunger faded away over the next week when so much could potentially ride on the remaining games...the first drive of the game the niners came out with few good gore runs, a pass or two, the ball moved down the field, and the result was a field goal...the ease of the first drive looked like our first team offense was playing against a practice squad on defense...being stopped in the redzone and not capitalizing on a TD was a huge blow to momentum...

 Matty leinart then comes down the field throwing the ball like a vortex football to his two gargantutian recievers as they tie up the game... so we got stopped on the first drive and settled for a classic joe i'm bigger than half the team nedney fieldgoal...from this point untill the fourth quarter the niners looked like a JV team scrimmaging against varsity...our offensive line had no push, our defense never got any pressure on their qb's, we never blitzed, we had no deep threat down field to throw to...we turned the ball over...we even fumbled the ball fighting for pointless yards after the first down...the final score at the end of the game made it look alot better than it was...for god sakes even edgerine james looked like a good running back for the first time this year!!

 so my question to the niners players, coaches, fans, etc. is....who is this team??? are we a team that is hungry? do we take pride in our play each down, quarter, and half? are they out there to make the pay check or do they want to wear the red and gold proud???  they wore the throwback uniforms this past sunday, but the niners that i remember wearing those colors had heart on the field...i remember a linebacking crew of lee woodall, gary butt-crack plummer and ken norton jr thirsty to make big hits...i remember the funky chicken merton hanks playing center field and picking off balls left and right...i recall a guy named tim mcdonald rocking the long white sleeves- punnishing recievers that crossed the deep middle...

i heard an interview with bryant young this year saying how he wasnt going to retire on a team going down hill...this warrior has battled year after year for the niners and has had some amazing times...he came to the team when they could only win...after winning a superbowl in 94, the team has slowly gone through changes and become what it was the last three years...most players would have sprang for another team...a player of his caliber could play with a team that has a good chance of winning this year or even go the dana stubblefield route and take the money in washington...however, he has made a pact to leave the team the way he found it as he entered the league...you look at him and see a man that is battle tested...taped up fingers, braces on both knees...i look at him and think he shouldnt be able to walk let alone get double-teamed on every play filling up the middle...this team needs more players like him...

i like a few players on defense...we have a few things clicking on offense...thats all fine and dandy, but i want to see which players want to be on the team next year...listening to the post game show on the radio as we sat in traffic leaving the parking lot coach mike nolan was disgusted...he feels the way i do...he can envision what the team should be, but the heart is not there and the progress is slower than expected...next week is the biggest game in my opinion...yes, we have been eliminated from the playoffs...personally i dont care that we are eliminated...if we did make the playoffs it would be an early exit for us cause our road record is less than noteworthy...i want to see which players step up and come to denver ready to play...i want to go there and spoil denvers playoff chances and send them a message...

i've hated denver ever since 1998...i thought that year the niners were the best team in the nfc...of course garrison hearst breaks his ankle against the falcons on the opening drive and we have no running game as we barely lose...the weak dirty bird falcons get killed by the broncos in the superbowl and horse teeth john elway wins his superbowl...i went to the same highschool as elway "granada hills highschool"....after elway wins the superbowl he throws a lil money to the school and they rename the stadium "john elway stadium"...boycotting "john elway day" that day of school was the best move of my life...i didnt try to play sick, didnt try to make up a story to not go to school....i proudly explained to my mom that i dont care for him and would be miserable supporting that event... i want the niners the show up next week and make a statement to the entire league...i want to know who is ready to make this team better...after last weeks game against the cardinals the defense couldnt get much worse...going through the motions doesnt work in the nfl...its a league about pride and passion...are the niners just one win better than last years crap team, or are we a team making strides in the right direction...next week will tell alot...lets end the season with a bang!


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