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Texas Rangers trade LHP John Danks, and RHPs Nick Masset and Jacob Rasner to the Chicago White Sox for RHP Brandon McCarthy and OF David Paisano 

Just when I though there was not going to be any more baseball news until the begining of the new year, Jon Daniels threw me a morsel from baseball trade heaven. My initial reaction was shock. Did we just trade Danks? Our #1 prospect?

After I came back to my senses, I started to look up everything that I could find on Brandon McCarthy.

He's tall (6'7") and very skinny (under 200), but he has an execellent track record in the minors. He was a 17th round pick, which is scary but many great players are picked late. He has a good SO:BB ratio, over 2:1 in the majors. Much better than that in the minors. He seems to have great control. Also, 2 years ago he was considered one of the top pitching prospects behind only Felix Hernandez, Jeff Francis, Scott Kasmir, Jered Weaver and Chad Billingsley. Not bad company at all.

As far as I'm concerned, he's a proven commodity. His less than stellar performance out of the bullpen last year, I feel, was an outlier of his future regular performance. 

John Danks was one of our own. A 1st round pick out of high school in Round Rock, Texas. He was raised in our system. He was our top prospect. Any true Rangers fan never wanted to see him go. We all wanted him to stay and do well for our team. And then the Rangers threw in another young pitcher who has shown some talent in Masset.

Jon Daniels has huge balls; I mean I think he rides around in a wheel chair because he can't walk because they are so big. This guy is either going to lead us to the promised land or bring us down in flames.

Last year he traded away one of the top offensive performances of the year, in Alfonso Soriano for the eyesore in left field Brad Wilkerson, OF Terrmel Sledge, and P Armando Galarraga. I think Wilk will bounce back big this year, but that trade was definately favorable to the Nationals. Then he traded our #2 pitcher from '05 Chris Young, 1B prosepect Adrian Gonzalez, and recently acquired Sledge to the Padres for sore armed Adam Eaton, reliever Akinori Otsuka, and C prospect Billy Killian. While San Diego got a good starter to put behind Jake Peavy and a 1B to replace Ryan Klesko (on the roster, because he was never in the lineup), the Rangers got a servicable closer (trade deadline bait, maybe?) and a starter that would cash in on a below-mediocre half season. A trade that, I feel, also favors the other team.

But neither of these have fazed Jon Daniels. He is right back in there trying to improve this team.

He's trading a couple of unproven young arms that everyone thinks will be good major league pitchers for a proven major league pitcher. Not only that, but he's 23 and he's under the Rangers control until 2011 and not eligible for arbitration for another 2 seasons.

I figure if Daniels is going to trade his #1 prospect, it needs to be for a guy like this. Everyone seems to agree that McCarthy is at least a #3 starter (in general, not just on the Rangers) and possibly a #1 in the future. However, John Danks is all over from a future Barry Zito (maybe that's why they traded him, LOL) to a reliever. No one knows what Masset will be, a solid #5 starter or journeyman reliever and everything in between.

After getting over my man-crush on John Danks, I think it was the right move. Whether it is better for the Rangers or the White Sox will only be known in time. Maybe Daniels knows something that Kenny Williams doesn't. I just hope it's not the other way around.


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