Now that the NBA lockout has come to an end we await the start of the season.  The players have agreed, the owners have agreed and the fans, most of them have forgiven the actions of greed on behalf of the players and the owners for the sake of the game, but was it even worth it?  Was it ever about basketball?  With the lockout over there hasn't been any particular talk or emphasis on the game, just a whole lot of rumors, articles and opinions.  It's been a lot of who's going to sign whom, and who wants to sign here or there and it's not just the owners' folks.  The players are just as guilty.  I remember when the game of basketball was a competitive sport and players played the game to compete and to win, and they gave it there all.  They didn't join top-heavy talented squads because hard work and perseverance makes up for all that talent, see your Dallas Mavericks as NBA Champions.  Now we have superstars practically demanding where they go and where they will play in the name of winning.  I call BS on the whole operation. 

Do folks remember when Kobe Bryant wanted to leave the Lakers after he felt he was done wrong by the organization and how ESPN was all over it.  Kobe to Chicago, Kobe to Dallas.  It was all a mess until he quickly came to his senses and realized that he could win in LA.  After a patient wait and hard work and a Pau Gasol that fell into his lap the Lakers won 2 titles back to back.  Now players, YOUNG players who are very impatient don't want to take that route, they want to play together eliminating all competition so they think.  I totally understand doing what's best for you and your family and your career, but when in basketball has a player ever said these are the only teams I'll play for and no other teams?  These are the same players who when drafted were oh so grateful for the opportunity to play in the league, and were ALL saying the same "I love this franchise and I want to retire with this franchise".  Again I call BS on the whole operation.  And the owners who are supposed to know and operate at full capacity on the business side of things totally have gone off the wall blocking trades that are completely legit.  It has become so very apparent after this lockout has ended that the NBA as a whole needs saving from themselves.  Players don't want to play here and for this amount of money, owners want these players to play here and they give away so much money to UNDESERVING players, i.e. Joe Johnson, Andrew Bynum, Rashard Lewis the NBA has become a MAD HOUSE.  It's not about basketball; the lockout never was about basketball.  It should no longer be called the National Basketball Association, but instead be called the Bureau of Basketball Business.

Kids grow up loving the game of basketball.  From pee wee, to junior to AAU and up the ladder.  College kids declare after one year because they know what's in stored for them.  It has always amazed me how college athletes in sports which is absolutely no different than professional sports, don't get paid but fill the stands and there isn't a possibility of a lockout but professional sports pay out millions to players who don't even respect the game.  When will we get back to it being about the sport?  You don't have to totally negate the business side of things but don't totally disrespect the sport and make it null and void. 

You play the game that you love, that you loved growing up, the sport that you love now.  The sport you love to play, the sport that you love to watch.  You know back in the day the NBA slogan used to be "I Love this Game".  What is it going to be now?


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