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A lot of tough games to pick this week, starting in Denver and ending in that classic Monday Night battle between Pittsburgh and San Francisco. And, with injuries and firings taking their toll on teams, life gets even tougher.

Here are the World's Worst Football Picks for Week 15 in the NFL:

Atlanta over Jacksonville: Despite their impressive win last week, the Jags will lose to a Falcon team that is desperate to make the playoffs. Plus, the system picks Atlanta, which has the better record and is at home.

Dallas to beat Tampa: The Bucs are struggling mightily while the Cowboys can't afford to lose this winnable game in their battle for first in the NFC East. The system says Dallas and I'll go with the system.

Buffalo over Miami: The system says Miami should win here but Matt Moore is iffy for the Dolphins and the team seems genuinely upset at the firing of Coach Tony Sparano. Those two factors make me go with Buffalo, a team desperate to right the ship before the end of the season.

Seattle to beat Chicago: The Seahawks are 6-7 but have won two in a row and are still mathematically in the playoff race. The 7-6 Bears, meanwhile, lost a heartbreaker to Denver last week and still count on some suspect quarterbacking to carry them. The system might say Chicago but I think Seattle wins this one.

Houston to beat Carolina: I wanted to pick the Panthers here since I'm not fond of the Texans quarterback situation, even if the third-string guy played well last week. But I think the Texans defense is going to win this game for their ailing coach, Wade Phillips. Plus, the system tells me Houston will win.

Tennessee over Indianapolis: System pick all the way but something tells me the winless Colts are going to break through soon.

Green Bay over Kansas City: Could be a trap game but the Packers so badly outclass the Chiefs that even a weak effort by Green Bay will win here.

New Orleans to beat Minnesota: I really, really want to pick the Vikings. But the Saints are on a roll and know how important it is for them to get a home playoff game.

New York Giants over Washington: The system favours the Giants in this one but they better not take the 'Skins lightly. New York absolutely has to win this game to stay ahead of Dallas in the division race.

Cincinatti to beat St. Louis: Another system pick. The Bengals have the better record and less of a losing streak coming in.

Oakland to beat Detroit: The system might support the 8-5 Lions to beat the 7-6 Raiders but I think the Raiders, coming off a humiliating loss last week, will be the more desperate of two desperate teams.

Arizona to defeat Cleveland: Even with Colt McCoy in the game and at 100%, Arizona would still be favoured. But the Cards are likely facing a backup QB (who is it, anyway?) have the better record, the better streak and are at home.

New England over Denver: The NFL world would flip on its head if Timver beats the Patriots in this one. And it's a possibility, especially with the Broncos at home and on an even longer winning streak than the Pats. But I just can't see the Denver defense being able to keep New England and its three inside receivers under 20 points heading into the final minutes of the game.

Philadelphia over the Jets: The system says to take 8-5 New York over the 5-8 Eagles but Phildelphia is a different team (on both sides of the ball) with Mike Vick at the helm.

San Diego to beat Baltimore: Do not follow this pick. It's stupid. Baltimore has a much better record and is still in a battle with Pittsburgh for number one in their division. The Ravens have won four in a row. But there's something about San Diego right now...

San Francisco over Pittsburgh: Tough tough call. Both have 10-3 records. The Steelers are on a four-game streak while San Fran is coming off a big loss last week. The Niners are at home. What swings it San Francisco's way for me is the injury to Roethlisberger and the suspension to Harrison. Even if he plays, Big Ben will be hobbled while Harrison is a big loss on defense.

December 14, 2011  02:43 PM ET

Whoa. You have some really ballsy picks there. Good luck!

December 15, 2011  06:37 AM ET

Thanks, LoveItHateIt. I thought you'd like the Oakland pick. But let's call them "Ballsy" if they're right cuz, if they're wrong, then they're just stupid.


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