Now that the whole "Where will CP3 Land" saga is over, and the infamous LA franchise acquired him (NOT the Lakers) everyone is getting carried away so let's all get carried away.  Since the trade was approved I've read so many headlines about the Clippers being the team to beat in LA now, and that the Clippers are now to be LA's famed franchise and the eventual talk of championships.  Not the playoffs, but CHAMPIONSHIPS!  It's funny how writers were saying how the Paul trade to LA wouldn't have made them a better ball club but to trade Paul to the Clippers makes them title contenders?  Wait a minute, not so fast there..  The last I checked the Lakers still have 16 Championship banners to the Clippers' 0.  The lakers have numerous retired legends jerseys hanging in the rafters and has been an arena filling, fan thrilling ball club dating back to the olden days of basketball, and now all of a sudden with an acquisition of a 4 time all-star coming off a decent season after knee surgery everyone is passing the torch to the Clippers?  Since everyone else is getting carried away let's all get carried away.

Don't get me wrong it will be fun to watch a starting line up the will probably bolster DeAndre Jordan, Blake Griffin, Caron Butler, Chauncy Billups at the 2 and CP# but you have to crawl before you walk.  You got to make it to the playoffs before you can even begin to speak about championships.  There's still trade rumors surrounding Dwight Howard and let's not forget even some of the trade rumors from last season.  Picture this; I'll get carried away with you all.  What if a franchise just like the Lakers; Matter of fact let's use the Lakers in this.  What if the "Lakers" use their assets and trade off some players to acquire team needs to get better?  I'll elaborate.  What if somehow the Lakers could propose and have approved trade scenarios that would allow them to acquire championship hungry Steve Nash, and a very young athletic disgruntled 2nd best player in the league Dwight Howard?  Would they then be LA's prized team all over again?  It's a wild basketball world out there and after last season with the "Big 3", and Camelo Anthony joining the Knicks mid-season we know that the possibilities are endless.

There are lots of rising ball clubs in the wake of this upcoming season, and the Clippers are one of them, but talent is still going around and after last years finals upset teams should just be working hard and preparing for this season because back to back to backs are going to be killer on even the youngest of talents and it's going to take a lot of hard work, and focus to get the job done.  There is only a little bit of time left for teams to get on the same page and get that chemistry going, and if they're not careful they'll end up like the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles.  A team with much talent but bad chemistry.  And coaching definitely comes into play.  But since we're all getting carried away, the Clippers are a worthy enough team to get carried away with.  I can't project what they will win this season especially with this season being short and all but they have a chance with their squad. 

With all of the talent that has been passed and more to be passed we should all be getting carried away in hopes that with all the moves made that our favorite ball clubs get in on this.  I hope that with all that's happened with the NBA this last year plus, that the season will get under weigh and we can play some basketball!!

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