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Hey guys! I took a beating last weekend with the predictions, and I did end up losing the fantasy super bowl. It's too bad because my team tanked even worse than his team, I only scored 60 points to his 72. It was devastating because any other week I'd have beaten him but oh well.

Here's the quick gist of games

Giants @ Redskins, Saturday 8pm NFL Network

    Giants haven't played a good game since Week 8 or whatever it was. Arthur is tearing his hair out as I speak. To stop the bleeding, they obviously have to blow out the Redskins, but that's not happening. Giants limp into an 8-8 playoff wildcard spot with their tiebreakers.

    Final Score: Giants 24, Redskins 20 

Browns @ Texans, Sunday 1pm

    Snoozer of a game! I'll pick the Texans because who's playing for the Browns now?

    Final Score: Texans 17, Browns 9 

Jaguars @ Chiefs, Sunday 1pm

    I still have problems spelling 'Chiefs', usually spell-check finds that I spelled it Cheifs, which is so much more convenient to type. I'm not using spell check this week, but massive training has helped me. LJ is running wild to catch Jamal Lewis' single-season record of 410 carries, and to capture his 1st ever rushing crowd. Let's face it, that crown belonged to him last year, but he was hampered by basically half a season. Now that Holmes is out of the way, LJ'll probably top out around 1750 yards again this year. Let's just hope that he can still walk come next year. By the way, look at Bill Simmons blog today and look that he copied all my ideas about Earl Campbell and how LJ won't walk next year. Interesting...

    Final Score: Chiefs 21, Jaguars 19 

Lions @ Cowboys, Sunday 1pm

    Pretty sure the Lions just want their 06 to be over! Take the 2-14 and sleep all winter. That will happen. Despite last week's poor showing of the Cowboys and the strong showing of the Lions against the Bears, Boys will rally and beat the worst franchise of the last 8 years. Man, I've never said that and its so painful, but its true. By the way, how good did Carrie Underwood look last weekend when she was talking to Romo on the sidelines. Normally I don't fall for blond country chicks, but that girl is smokin.

    Final Score: Cowboys 27, Lions 14  

Panthers @ Saints, Sunday 1pm

    Even though the Saints are at home, they can afford to take a game off and take their 2 week vacation til the divisional playoffs. I think the Panthers will win because the Saints don't have to, and the Panthers, despite their inexplicable inconsistencies, don't quit.

    Final Score: Panthers 17, Saints 14

Patriots @ Titans, Sunday 1pm 

    Bill Simmons claims that Brady is hurt. He's not hurt, he just has terrible wide receivers. Anyone throwing to Jabar Gaffney and Reche Caldwell is not going to look like a star QB, even though Brady looks pretty close. Here's the deal. Go on Madden 07, and simulate a game with Brady at QB, and Gaffney, Caldwell, and Troy Brown (who's pushing 40 now) in at wide receiver. Have them playing the Titans, with Pacman Jones at CB. There's no way that Gaffney or Caldwell will get opened. Brady will get lucky to throw 1 TD. They need a receiver worth his weight in New England.

    Final Score: Titans 24, Patriots 13 

Raiders @ Jets, Sunday 1pm

    The Raiders have several bright spots going into next season. They have an excellent D, a resurgent Warren Sapp who everyone thought was done several years ago, and a high draft pick. The bad news is that it looks like Brady Quinn is going to the Lions. Lions could be good next year I guess. Then again, they'll be the 06 Cardinals next year, and have high expectations but it will take them at least one year to be good. Jets win this one in ugly fashion.

    Final Score: Jets 13, Raiders 7 

Rams @ Vikings, Sunday 1pm

    Rams win this one with their superior offense. Steven Jackson is a gem. 2nd overall pick in next year's fantasy drafts.

    Final Score: Rams 28, Vikings -6 

Seahawks @ Buccaneers, Sunday 1pm

    Seahawks can win the division with an 8-8 record? Yuck. Won't happen, they'll have enough to win this week.

    Final Score: Hawks 20, Buccaneers 16 

Steelers @ Bengals, Sunday 1pm

    So the Bengals are essentially missing the playoffs. That sucks, all because of a botched extra point. Karma comes back around and bites the jail-issued Bengals into the slammer for the winter. Too bad because they are so much fun to watch. Let's see if they can stay out of the law's hands next year and throw together a nasty season.

    Final Score: Bengals 29, Steelers 23 

49ers @ Broncos, Sunday 4:15pm

    49ers are banged up, and the Broncos are playing well, well enough to secure a playoff spot on Sunday. I don't think it's a good matchup for the 49ers. Goin with the Broncos

    Final Score: Denver 27, 49ers 17

Bills @ Ravens, Sunday 4:15pm

    Those Bills surprised everyone late in the season huh? Watch them steal the game from the Ravens and finish off 8-8. They'll be a serious playoff contender next year.

    Final Score: Bills 21, Ravens 20

Cardinals @ Chargers, Sunday 4:15pm

    I wouldn't be shocked if the Cards ended up stealing this game, but the Chargers should have a clear cut win this week since they are trying to secure home field. LT might have to play most of the game to secure the rushing title, as LJ is going to make quite a run at it.

    Final Score: Chargers 28, Cardinals 24 

Dolphins @ Colts, Sunday 4:15pm

    Alot of 4:15 games this week huh. Ronnie Brown should gain over 150 yards against the Colts D, but the Colts have everything to play for, their confidence, home field, and a host of other things. They'll play excellent football and will win the game, despite giving up lots of yardage to Brown.

    Final Score: Colts 31, Dolphins 21

Falcons @ Eagles, Sunday 4:15pm

    The Eagles are huge favorites according to the 8 point spread, but don't let that fool you. No team in the NFC can cover an 8 point spread. That being said, I think the Eagles still probably take this game, but don't cover. Remember when I said the Eagles were going to finish 10-6 and win the East back about a month ago? I retracted that after McNabb went down... too bad it was the correct assessment. The NFL is nuts.

    Final Score: Eagles 24, Falcons 23

Packers @ Bears, Sunday 8:30pm

    Brett Favre's last game in primetime. He's not losing. Favre will beat the Bears somehow, and he'll leave Soldier Field with a standing O. Okay fine, he's coming back next year, but he'll play it that way and pull off a miracle. I love it how NBC is giving into the Favre mantra and putting his last game on primetime. He's been better nowhere else. Bears can take it easy knowing they have a 2 week vacation of fun before the playoffs start.

    Final Score: Packers 24, Bears 12 


Thats all I got, talk to you guys come playoff time. 


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