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      I hpoe all Cowboy fan's are as happy as I am this year for the Cowboys to be playing for the NFC East Title. For the Cowboys to be interesting for seventeen week's this year is all I can ask for especially after last year.

      Win or lose next week against the Giants they will have a lot to look forward to next year provided they spend there money wisely and buy a secondary a couple of Linebackers and get some depth on the D line.

      If this Cowboys team loses a close one at the Meadowlands they will have a long off season wondering "IF", especially the game against Arizona in the Desert and you all know what game I'm talking about. Think about the last game against the Giants needing one stop or Austin not loosing the ball in the lights and the Cowboys are already division champs and nobody is thinking about the Arizona game or any of the four games the lost late in the fourth quarter.

      This coming week will be all about Romo and his hand. I was in Nashville at MCA Recording studio in January 1981 and run into Terry Bradshaw who was recording a soundtrack for Cannonball Run. Terry had had that same injury that year on a Saturday game against the Jet's and Terry said it hurt like hell and he couldn't take a snap grip a ball or much less throw it with authority. Terry gripped the ball a little differently than other QB's, he used his right index finger and put it on the point of the ball. Let's hope it doesn't effect Romo and he has a good game. A win and people will forget a lot of the mistakes he made in the fourth quarter. I look at it like this, the Giants took Romo out for the season last year in game seven and they took him out yesterday and was not even playing the Cowboys... Reason: If the Giants had of went on and taken care of business then the game would have ended on time and there would have been no need for Romo to have steped onto the field. I do wonder sometimes who is really coaching Garrett or the Players. Tell me Why Whitte and a couple of others were on the field that late in the game...was it for the stats then if so are they more important than making it through the Giants game.

Prediction  Giants 27  Cowboys 24                               Happy Holidays



December 27, 2011  01:40 PM ET

there are many games dallas can reflect on in the off season.... which will likely begin for them after the giants game. the jets game, detroit, pats, etc. he has been a frustrating season to say the least. i'd be surprised if dallas even keeps it close... NY 31 Dallas 17


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