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 So our winner from the last blog was the eternal and classic burn on FanNation's own Gu3. Props to Hemogoblin for the witty reply and for garnering 4 votes:

Counting away

20) no, he's thirteen, he still reaches into his pants and counts to one

Now on to this season's bumper crop of contestants. Thanks again to the people who make funny comments and odd throwdowns. Special props to RStowe who passed on several of these. What's odd is that a flashpoint issue such as religion became the topic of farce for some. Here are some of the comments below. I included a few links so you can see them in context.

1) How come nobody flips God the bird when they strike out?

2) aint no god while howard sterns walking the earth

Seperated at birth. Rosemary's Babies

3) Separation of church and professional sports... it's in the Constitution.

4) god wouldent care about sports you dumb****

5) *sweating profusely* I'd just like to thank God for the ability to comment on this TD.....(j/k) Incredibly absurd.

PWN this sauce

6) Mariners suck
Seahawks suck
Sonics suck
Christians suck

I win... PWN SAUCE

7) Did God sneeze when the Giants kicker missed those two field goals?

Tynes: The real sneezy

8) LDT

9) *crickets...


10) LT is a lil girl. .
go play like ur girl scout phillip rivers did. .
man o man
I just love the chargers toughness

11) Im still upset the Saprano's got taken off the air.

12) Is he taking flowers to THE ORACLE?

Brady is Neo: The One

13) think the MVP Houston is referring to is "Most Vunerable Player."

14) How's the Cheesburger's golf game coming along?

15) Hey Miss Potty Fingers. Wash your hands out with soap.

Potty Fingers!

16) They do muscle work-outs and are well kept.

17) Traffic just called, and it wants you to come play with it.

18) wow im a old are you? your mom just called, your internet time is up for today

Internet time's up. Spongebob's on!

19) "I take the BJ" So would I buddy, so would I...

20) I take the BJ", hmm, thats weird, maybe I should stop reading the comments out loud at work. People are looking at me funny. What is so funny about that?

21) Unintentional comedy at its finest!

22) The truth can never be disrespectful...................Unless your the fat chick in the club at 2am and you overhear some guy say, "O.K., I'll take the chubby."

23) are you typing in a wind tunnel? If not, turn down the keys. (CAPS LOCK)

CAPS in Windtunnel

24) It is true that the Giants only lost by 3 points, but in the SB the difference is going to be even higher. The only way we can know who wins is to wait and see.

25) Really, the only way to know who wins is to wait and see? But I have this crystal ball right here that says......

26) What if I wait and listen instead? I can close my eyes really tight and not see who wins but still hear who does.

27) So your TD title says the Pats will win the SB.

Your Argument say's we will have to wait and see....You change your mind more then Ron Paul. Did you mail in your Pats Membership card too?? They Probably sent it back to you cause they accept more white males then the republican party...

Im gonna go out on a limb here and say you dont really know jack about football. You may like to watch it and act like you know. But dont be that guy form the ESPN commercial with BS spewing from his butt.....

28) I'm glad he is lactosefree because I'm lactose intolerant.
So when I eat him alive I won't get gas later.

no tolerance for poor lactose

So there you have it ladies and gentleman and the kiddos above with the limited Internet access. Vote early and often for your favorites. Don't forget to Fanmail me any good ones out there. Also tell a friend! LOL I asked my cousin the Brown Bear, and I didn't much care for his answer:


Since one of my own wouldn't help with the cause I decided to get a focus group of fast food moguls. Here's what they told me:

Greasy LOL


Remember to keep your posts clean. Profanity will get filtered, and offensive comments will be removed.

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