Incidental Contact

So, Mr. Knight recently endured to get to win 880 - passing the legend Dean Smith.  It seems the same media that crucified him for his "slapping" Neil Reed, have come around enough to bless him as the new "Dean" of college basketball.  In reality, Knight is coaching a game that outcoached him over 15 years ago - banishing him to the flat lands of Lubbock - in virtual college basketball exlie.  Let's run through some great highlights of Knight's illustrious career:

1. Feb 1985: Accounts of Knight's sometimes temperamental behavior inevitably mention "chair-throwing." That incident occurred during a game against Purdue. IU was losing and Knight received a technical foul for protesting an official's call. He reacted by picking up a chair from the IU bench and tossing it on to the playing floor. He received a second technical for that move, and when he continued to protest he was ejected from the game.

2.  March 2000: A series of allegations about Knight's behavior prompted a university investigation and new calls for his removal. The chain of events began when former IU player Neil Reed alleged,in a televised CNN/Sports Illustrated report, that Knight grabbed him by the neck in a choking manner during a 1997 practice. A videotape of the incident was leaked to CNN. And, at about the same time, The Star reported that Knight's boss, Clarence Doninger, felt physically threatened by Knight in a Feb.19, 2000, confrontation after a game.

 3.  July 1979 : Arrested in Puerto Rico, charged with assaulting a police officer; convicted in absentia in August.

     4.  April 1988 : Provokes outrage during an NBC interview with Connie Chung. In describing the experience of losing, he said, "I think that if rape is inevitable, relax and enjoy it."

     5.  March 1992 : Knight pretends to whip black player Calbert Cheaney, drawing national attention and protest from the local NAACP and other black leaders.

     6.  Dec 1994 : Pulls son Patrick from the game and appears to kick him in the leg. Crowd boos. Knight later says he kicked the chair, not his son.

     7.  May 2000 : Jeanette Hartgraves, secretary to the IU athletics director, tells The Star she felt physically threatened by Knight in a February 1998 confrontation in which he called her a "f------ ****" and was advancing on her in anger. Clarence Doninger, stepped in to restrain Knight. Hartgraves also told of an episode in the late 1980s in which an angry Knight flung a potted plant against a wall, shattering a ceramic pot and a glass picture frame. Hartgraves said she was showered by glass and debris but not injured.

8. June 1999 : Christopher Foster accuses Knight of choking him during an altercation in the parking lot of Nuestra Mexico, an Ellettsville Mexican restaurant. After much publicity, no charges were filed.


And of course, great moments caught on audio/video:

Halftime Speech (Rated R)

Knight Throws a Chair

ESPN Top Ten Knight's


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