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All quiet on the Packer front... no "Discount Double Choke" jokes here, today, folks.

I'm a Bears fan, but I do have a grudging respect for the Packers.  For the most part it's hard not to.  They're a well-run organization, and they take care of their business on and off the field (their off-the-field  affairs are handled quietly, which is nice... read any Jets threads lately?)  And Aaron Rodgers had a season for the ages.  I still think it's a toss-up between him and Drew Brees for NFL MVP, but I would have no problem with Rodgers getting the honor.  A year ago, I posted that if Rodgers had the type of season many expected him to have in 2011, he'd be the MVP.  Just sayin'...

Early last week, I read a few posts from Green Bay fans who were completely dismissive of the GGGMen as a team, and the season that Eli Manning was having, mostly because he wasn't Aaron Rodgers.  One Packer fan had posted that Dom Capers would have a few aces up his sleeve for the Giants game.  I thought that was pretty funny, seeing as how they had one of the lowest-ranked defenses in the league this season and gave up waaaay too many point and way too much yardage.

"Aces up his sleeve"?  Really?  Hilarious.  But, I digress...

The more knowledgable and "non-homer" Packer fans (and a lot of football fans in general) were cautiously optimistic about the Pack's chances; for the most part they accepted the fact that their team actually had a few flaws and knew what they would be up against in a Giants team that ended the season on a high note, just as Green Bay had last season.  Even Dom Capers was aware his defense had issues... 

Sunday night, the Packers met their match against something they hadn't seen much of this season:  a team that was healthy when it mattered most, and playing well on both sides of the ball.  The Pack's opportunistic defense had no answer for a QB who played quite well and did not turn the ball over, and had no real answer for a Giants attack that had enough weapons on the ground and in the air to where they could dictate and maintain the pace of their own game.  That basically neutralized a lot of what got the Pack's defense a lot of the attention it garnered this year; teams that don't have to play catch-up don't force the ball and are less likely to make mistakes.  That's not rocket science.


So Green Bay's season is over.  There are a few Packer fans to whom I would simply say "great season", because 15-1 is what it is.  They were pretty humble about the success of their favorite team during the season, and not at all obnoxious about it.  No matter what one's team affiliations might be, it's easy to mix and mingle with fans like that.  I've seen some posts from Giants fans who were nice enough to say "good job" to their adversaries of the day...  Well done to you, fans of Big Blue.  When the Bears lost the NFC title game in their own crib last season, I posted congrats to Packers fans out there who I knew would be classy enough to appreciate the compliment, and not rub it in my face.  They were gracious in victory, which I expected from them.  But to each their own.

So congrats to the Packers and their fans on a great season.  They aren't the first team to have the type of season they did and fall a little short (the 1998 Viking come to mind).  Repeating is tough to do in the league now, and that's okay... nothing to be ashamed of.  They have a few things to sort through in the off-season, just like the rest of the teams in the league, and I'm sure they'll be a force to be reckoned with again in the NFC North.




And, for one last time this season, R.I.P Count Dooku...


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