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Good news and bad news for Bears fans...

First the bad news:  Among the handful of candidates to replace Jerry Angelo is Tim Ruskell.  Ruskell, for those of you who may not be familiar with the name, is the former Seattle Seahawks GM, and is the current interim GM/former assistant GM for Da Bears.  Ruskell joined the Seahawks in 2005 and was relieved of his duties in 2009.  The majority of the pieces were in place for the Seahawks Super Bowl run when Ruskell joined the team, but Ruskell's inability to draft effectively lead to his downfall in Seattle four years later.

That sounds familiar...

Ruskell came to Chicago in 2009 and was Jerry Angelo's right-hand guy.  He was supposedly being groomed by Angelo to replace him, ideally if Angelo had been given the opportunity to resign at his leisure instead of being fired as he was earlier this month.  I'm pretty sure that one of the last people that I'd want to be the GM of my favorite team is someone who had previously been fired for doing a bad job and was in line to be the hand-picked successor to a GM who was doing a bad job, too.  The fact that Ruskell is still a candidate this far into the Bears GM search makes me question the motives of Ted Phillips:  does he want a company man, a "yes" guy who is only there to protect the bottom-line of the McCaskey family, or does he want someone who has the proven ability to scout college players.

And that's where a wee bit of good news comes in.  One of the candidates for the Bears GM job is Marc Ross, the director of college scouting for the NY Giants.  The same NY Giants who boast such young stars as Jason Pierre-Paul, Hakeem Nicks, and Victor Cruz, among others.  All the players I mentioned are guys who have been drafted out of college in the past couple of seasons who have been major impact players this season.

Not too shabby.

Scouting and drafting top-quality college players is crucial for a lot of reasons, but for the Bears, that ability could be attractive for reasons that are closer to their heart.  The Bears are an organization that is renowned for being somewhat "frugal", shall we say (and I'm a fan, by the way).  With the new rookie cap system in place, being able to acquire potentially top-tier players early in their career could have long-term financial rewards.  Having a GM who can spot that talent is obviously a bonus, but the opportunity to have that type of talent on a roster long-term for less money than it might cost in the long-term to get that talent in free agency... if that isn't enough to get and keep Ted Phillips attention, Bears fans may well be stuck with the second coming of Jerry Angelo.

Here's hoping Ted Phillips considers taking a first step in doing what's right for the team, and not the McCaskey's bottom line.  I know I don't want to see Jerry Angelo 2.0 at Halas Hall anytime soon.


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