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This is part 1 of 8 of the large blog that I am doing for the 2012 basketball season, below are the categories that I will be covering over the next few weeks.

I-- Top 3 Points Guards in the League

II--Top 3 Shooting Guards in the League

III--Top 3 Small Forwards in the League

IV--Top 3 Power Forwards in the League

V--Top 3 Center in the League

VI--End of Season Seeding and Records

VII--Playoff Predictions

VIII--End of Season Awards

I: Top 3 Point Guards in the NBA This Year

1) Chris Paul- Los Angeles Clippers

When we are talking about true point guards, you think Paul, Nash, and Rondo. In my opinion there is no question in my mind that Chris Paul is the best true point guard in the league. Lets first look at his stats.

18.6 PPG .505 FG% .431 3PT% .853 FT% 3.6 RPG 9.1 APG 2.4 SPG 2.0 TOPG

Right here, you see a nearly flawless stat line for a elite player. He may not tower over many good players in points per game but he only shoots 14 shots per game which is amazing if he score 19 points off of them. He has a amazing FG, and 3PT percentage and when he does not have a shot he likes he gets one of his 9 assists per game.

He also protects the ball better then pretty much every elite star in the league, he only has 2 TOPG and is first in the league in Assist to TOPG at 4.64. He also has 7 double doubles this year which is great.

Chris Paul also has led a team that had 32 wins last year to the 4th best record in the NBA and has showed up in the big games, here is his game logs against the top teams in the league this year

12-30: vs Chicago----15 PTS .500 FG 1.00 3PT 14 ASTS 4 REBS 4 STLS 3 TO

1-11: vs Los Angeles-33 PTS .545 FG .750 3PT 06 ASTS 4 REBS 3 STLS 1 TO

1-14: at Los Angeles-04 PTS .200 FG .000 3PT 12 ASTS 4 REBS 1 STLS 0 TO

1-30: vs Oklahoma---26 PTS .750 FG .667 3PT 14 ASTS 0 REBS 2 STLS 2 TO

2-06: at Orlando------29 PTS .563 FG 1.00 3PT 08 ASTS 7 REBS 2 STLS 3 TO

These are just five of the many big time games that Chris Paul and the Clippers have had to face and in the ones above, he led his team to a 3-2 records averaging 21 PPG 10.8 APG in these contest. That is amazing numbers and he already showed us last year that he can deliver in the playoffs with a bad team.

With a combination of big plays, sick passes, and great ball handling, I have Chris Paul as the number one point guard on my list this year

2) Derrick Rose- Chicago Bulls

I love DRose and would love to put him up at first but he has started forcing up more shots, has been more injury prone, and lacks being a true point guard like Paul and that is why he falls to second on my list.

Derrick Rose still is one of the best players in the NBA and his stats from this year and last year prove that he should stick around as a great player for a while if he can stay injury free, here are his stats below

22.0 PPG .462 FG% .310 3PT% .841 FT% 3.4 RPG 7.8 APG 0.9 SPG 2.9 TOPG

So, Derrick Rose is easily the best scoring guard in the league this year with 22 points per game. He also has done a great job of limiting careless turnovers this year. Though his percentages are only about average for a great player, he still is doing better then many other elites this year who have been falling even farther in these categories this year.

As for Derrick Rose's team, they are standing at the best record in the NBA for the second year in the row and DRose again has came into big showdowns, and scored 30 points and 15 assists, here are some of his games below

12-25: at LA Lakers---22 PTS .692 FG .667 3PT 05 ASTS 1 REBS 1 BLK 5 TO

12-30: at LA Clippers--29 PTS .571 FG .750 3PT 16 ASTS 8 REBS 1 STL 4 TO

1-13: at Boston--------25 PTS .429 FG .333 3PT 07 ASTS 4 REBS 0 STL 3 TO

1-29: at Miami---------34 PTS .393 FG .000 3PT 06 ASTS 6 REBS 1 STL 2 TO

2-02: at New York-----32 PTS .462 FG .400 3PT 13 ASTS 4 REBS 1 STL 2 TO

So in these 5 games, the Bulls went 4-1 in all away games which is truly amazing. It amazes me how a man can score 32 PTS and still get 13 ASTS. He averaged in the 5 big time games above 28 PPG 9.4 APG, and has shown that yet again this year, he can easily handle the best teams.

Even though Rose is second, he is not very far behind, he has had a great year so far and has proved that if he can perform a little better in the playoffs this year when it comes time to face the Heat, he will be a NBA Champ.

3) Deron Williams - New Jersey Nets

Though DWill is not in the same league as Rose and Paul are this year, he has still been fighting hard with a awful team and that is the reason he has landed 3rd on my list. His stats for this year look like

20.9 PPG .410 FG% .339 3PT% .848 FT% 3.4 RPG 8.4 APG 1.0 SPG 4.2 TOPG

Deron Williams is probably the best passing-scoring point guard on the league right now, he can score the ball with ease and has great eyes, he also plays good defense and has been able to have a couple of one man shows this year with the absence of Lopez

The reason that he is behind DRose and CP3 is because his team is doing horribly, and because his percentages and amount of turnovers are horrible this year. He also shot more shots per game then DRose at a towering 17.2 shots per game. These numbers need to go down if he wants to move up on the list.

DWill's team this year has been pretty horrid with few bright spots but Williams still shows up for the big games, and even though they lose most of them, he still puts up decent numbers. Here are his logs below

1-07: vs Miami-------10 PTS .250 FG .281 3PT 10 ASTS 3 REBS 1 STL 5 TO

1-16: at LA Clippers-14 PTS .357 FG .400 3PT 06 ASTS 0 REBS 1 STL 3 TO

1-21: vs Oklahoma--14 PTS .278 FG .000 3PT 06 ASTS 4 REBS 1 STL 3 TO

1-23: at Chicago-----16 PTS .500 FG .000 3PT 10 ASTS 2 REBS 0 STL 4 TO

2-06: vs Chicago-----25 PTS .500 FG .000 3PT 05 ASTS 0 REBS 0 STL 3 TO

So yes, obviously these numbers are not great and can you blame DWill, he is on one of the worst teams in the NBA. He still comes out though and manages to score 16 PPG 7.5 APG, so yes, Deron Williams has been on a horrible team and we probably won't see him in the playoffs this year but he still puts up the numbers and has the talent to be in my top 10

Okay thanks for reading the first part of my blog and please comment and read the rest which will be out soon, thanks


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