I waited a long time in between these, mainly to avoid a weekly one during the playoffs that wouldn't offer much change. Now, I think change is going on throughout the draft.


1. Indianapolis Colts select Andrew Luck, QB, Stanford


I started writing this earlier in the week and talked about the Colts getting rid of Peyton Manning. However, with Irsay's comments about wanting to keep Manning, I don't see them letting him go now. He means too much to the city and the city loves him. He might not enjoy the fact they take a QB, but I don't think he wants to uproot his family and start over for a couple years in another city. In the end, Manning will be here to tutor Luck, which is a win-win for the Colts.


2. Washington Redskins (via St. Louis Rams) select Robert Griffin III, QB, Baylor


Selfishly, I want the Rams to not trade the pick so the Vikings can. However, it just doesn't make sense for the Rams to NOT trade this pick. As the combine and pro-days come about, teams are just going to fall more in love with Robert Griffin and the asking price is only going to go up. I think the Redskins give up this year's #1 and next year's first rounder along with some other late rounders most likely to get RG3, which might not be THAT bad of a trade.


3. Minnesota Vikings select Matt Kalil, OT, USC


Getting a franchise left tackle is a pretty decent consolation for the Vikings, however. The biggest need for the Vikings, in order, is offensive line, secondary, and wide receivers. They address their biggest hole for the next 10-15 years with Kalil.


4. Cleveland Browns select Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama


The more the Browns talk, the less likely it seems they'll bring back Peyton Hillis. Between the contract disputes and the "injuries" during the season, I think both Peyton Hillis and the Browns might want to part ways by the end of it. Therefore, the Browns will go after the best RB in the draft, who should give their offense a big boost from the get-go.


5. Tampa Bay Bucaneers select Morris Claiborne, CB, LSU


The Bucs have a lot of problems. Their offensive line isn't too great, but I don't think Riley Reiff or Jonathan Martin are this high of a pick. Morris Claiborne fits a Patrick Peterson-type of mold and he sure looked good in Arizona this year. With Ronde Barber mulling retirement and Aqib Talib facing legal issues and a likely suspension, Claiborne will likely get playing time right off the bat.


6. St. Louis Rams select Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford


While Justin Blackmon is an option, I like the prospect of adding Jonathan Martin. Their offensive line was pretty bad last year, but they have the receiving weapons if Bradford has time to sit back and throw the ball. Plus, they need someone to open up holes for Steven Jackson.


7. Jacksonville Jaguars select Justin Blackmon, WR, Oklahoma State


Personnel wise, the Jags could use an offensive lineman. However, someone of Blackmon's talent shouldn't be around at pick 7. I'm a firm believe of taking best available as I've seen it work too much with my team (AP in '07, Percy in '09). And it's not like the Jags don't have a hole at the WR position. Go ahead and name me a Jags receiver. You can't.


8. Miami Dolphins select Quinton Coples, DE, UNC


A couple weeks ago, this pick didn't make sense. Then Joe Philbin came in and said they were converting to a 4-3 defense. While I'm not sure why since the defense wasn't really the problem last year, that means they'll be looking for a pass rusher opposite Cameron Wake. They get the best one in the draft as Coples is sliding down boards as fast as Reiff is going up them.


9. Carolina Panthers select Devon Still, DT, Penn State


I'll admit Grue told me in the middle of the NCAA season that Still would be here eventually and I ignored him. Now, he's a can't miss talent. The biggest problem with the Panthers came in the middle of the defense and Still is going to stop that. He's got a big body and is surprisingly quick.


10. Buffalo Bills select Luke Kuechly, ILB, Boston College


The play of Fitzpatrick post-contract extension is worrisome, but not enough to draft someone. The offense is actually pretty set, so focusing on an anchor defensively should be their plan. All Kuechly did was finish with 191 tackles and 3 interceptions. Ya know, nothing spectacular.


11. Kansas City Chiefs select Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa


THIS is a good spot for Reiff. The Chiefs were riddled with injuries, but the silver lining is that they get some good young talent for next year. With a great RB and an above average QB, they need to protect those and Reiff can be the answer. His talent should put him around here, unless someone seriously overrates him, which is becoming the norm.


12. Seattle Seahawks select Melvin Ingram, DE, Alabama


The equally perplexing player slotted here is Ryan Tannehill of Texas A&M. It'd be a Christian Ponder like decision to draft him this high, but Ponder looked good to me this year ;). Still, their second biggest need is a pass rusher, and Ingram might be the most proven DE in the draft.


13. Arizona Cardinals select David DeCastro, G, Stanford


Drafting a guard this high might seem odd, but the Cardinals have to get someone to protect their QB, whomever it may be next year. Reiff might be here and would be a better pick for them, but any offensive lineman wouldn't be a bad pick.


14. Dallas Cowboys select Alfonzo Dennard, CB, Nebraska


I might have missed something, but all along, Dennard was considered by most to be the 2nd best DB prospect, along with Kirkpatrick, in the draft. As I search big boards now, he's in the late first/early second area. I have no idea why, but if he's here, which he should be, the Cowboys would be silly to let him past.


15. Philadelphia Eagles select Vontaze Burfict, ILB, Arizona State


His issue is his attitude and work ethic, but with the superstars on that Eagles team and defense, there's no reason Burfict shouldn't be motivated to work. And a motivated Burfict is a very dangerous one. In my opinion, I think he has the most upside of any LB in this draft. And the coolest name.


16. New York Jets select Courtney Upshaw, DE/OLB, Alabama


One of the few things the Jets lack is someone who can get to the QB. In their 3-4 scheme, Upshaw would be an absolute perfect fit. We all know Rex Ryan loves adding toys to that defense and this one is a great toy.


17. Cincinnati Bengals (via Oakland) select Michael Floyd, WR, Notre Dame


I really like the idea of adding another dominant receiver to this team, which is exactly what Floyd is and could be. Kirkpatrick could be selected here, but I think the Bengals will everything possible to stay away from questionable character guys at this point.


18. San Diego Chargers select Dont'a Hightower, ILB, Alabama


Another player I'm far higher on than others are, but Hightower is going to be a solid pro. And the Chargers need to do something to that defense to institute a game-changer, which is what Hightower can be.


19. Chicago Bears select Alshon Jeffrey, WR, South Carolina


Why his attitude and "off the field" issues are deterrents, I think the Bears can afford to take that risk and take Jeffrey. While they had admirable performances from Knox and other WRs, adding a legitimate #1 WR would make this offense that much more deadly.


20. Tennessee Titans select Cordy Glenn, OT/G, Georgia


Mike Munchak has made it known he wasn't happy with his offensive line last year and this should serve as a nice wake-up call. When someone like Chris Johnson was as irrelevant and ineffective as he was last year, something has to change.


21. Cincinnati Bengals select Janoris Jenkins, CB, Northern Alabama


The Bengals also use this pick to not necessarily address a weakness, but make a strength stronger. When they had Jonathan Joseph and Leon Hall, their secondary was stout. While Dre Kirkpatrick is available, like I said for their last pick, I'd imagine they wouldn't risk someone with legal issues in the past.


22. Cleveland (via Atlanta) select Michael Brockers, DT, LSU


Brockers might not necessarily address a big need, but he's a big-time talent and, like I said earlier, I'm a fan of drafting by best available and not by need, necessarily. Brockers would step in and really help this defensive line.


23. Detroit Lions select Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama


The Lions clearly don't have an issue having players who might be a bit wild or crazy (yes, I'm looking at you Suh. Don't eat me). Kirkpatrick is, without question, the 2nd best CB talent wise in the draft. However, he falls here because of his off the field incident. The Lions will look at other teams and laugh as they fill their biggest need with a great player.


24. Pittsburgh Steelers select Whitney Mercilus, DE, Illinois


While Mercilus might not be the best fit for the system, I think he'd be a solid addition to the Steelers. Mercilus led the Big Ten in sacks last year and could come in and play DE for the Steelers in their 3-4 set. He might also be able to play some OLB if he slimmed down a bit, but I think he'd be an impact player on this already stout defense.


25. Denver Broncos select Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor


We heard all season long how bad Tebow's wide receivers were. Well, by taking Wright, those talks should hush. Wright only caught 108 passes for 1,663 yards and 14 touchdowns. In Denver, he'd give Tebow a deep threat and could make a solid young tandem with Eric Decker.


26. Houston Texans select Nick Perry, DE/OLB, USC


The Texans embodied the term "Next Man Up" last season and it was incredible to watch. However, it looks like they'll lose Mario Williams, but lucky for them, Nick Perry is there to step in and take his spot. Perry had 54 tackles, 9.5 sacks, 13 tackles for a loss with two passes batted and three forced fumbles, meaning he's very active.


27. New England Patriots (via New Orleans) select Jerel Worthy, DT, Michigan State


Worthy is another player who has slipped down draft boards, but I was never too sure he was as good as people thought to begin with. Belichick has twice seen his team lose in the Super Bowl to a team with a dominant defensive line. Maybe now he'll take the hint.


28. Green Bay Packers select Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin


It looks like Green Bay might lose their starting center this year. I'm always a fan of lineman from Wisconsin and Konz is a stud. Either he or Mike Adams from Ohio State would be great picks here.


29. Baltimore Ravens select Mark Barron, SS, Alabama


At this point, the Ravens are playing with fire if they don't find someone in the secondary to replace Ed Reed. Reed might have one more year, two at most, left in him. If he retires now, they have no one to replace him in the least bit. Barron can be that guy.


30. San Francisco 49ers select Coby Fleener, TE, Stanford


This was too good to pass up. The 49ers could use some more offensive weapons and I think teams will start trying to use two TEs and mirror the Patriots. On top of that, Harbaugh is very familiar with Fleener, obviously.


31. New England Patriots select Andre Branch, DE, Clemson


As I said, maybe Belichick will admit he was wrong. Not likely, but these two picks would make the most sense. Paired with Andre Carter and they would have a vastly improved line.


32. New York Giants select Zach Brown, OLB, North Carolina


They've made it clear before they'll take best player available and to me, that's Zach Brown. He's a mid-1st round talent and the Giants would be luck to get him here.
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February 15, 2012  09:19 PM ET

Hahahhahahhahahhahahhahahahhahahah x 10000.You say the Bengals don't want Kirkpatrick, who had his charges dropped, but instead have them tabbed to select Janoris Jenkins who has had like 5 runs ins with pot?Pretty interesting.I'd love for the Bengals to get Floyd and Jenkins/Kirkpatrick. It would be about as dreamful of a draft as I could get. The only way it could be topped is Trent Richardson.

Jenkins problems are far more in the past. I read an article recently that said he's completely turned his life around, doesn't hang with kids who smoke anymore, and is doing lots of good around the community.

February 16, 2012  12:08 PM ET

I understand drafting talent over need but DT is one of the few spots on the defensive that is set. Kendall Wright or Nick Perry would be much better selections IMO.

Comment #5 has been removed
February 16, 2012  09:30 PM ET

Demaryius Thomas is the number 1 receiver in Denver, Decker would move to the slot, but I do like the idea of selecting Wright.

Comment #7 has been removed
February 17, 2012  12:50 PM ET

Dear Sir,Let me know when you get to Round 5. Sincerely, Oakland Raider fan


February 17, 2012  03:54 PM ET

I wouldn't read into what Irsay is saying about Manning. To me it was nothing more than a PR move. He was basically trying to put the eventual blame on Manning but it won't work, Manning can play this game as well.

Peyton is gone. Makes no sense for either to continue on with each other. The city will recover as they always do and does Manning even live in Indy? I am sure he has a house there but is a full time resident?

February 17, 2012  03:55 PM ET

Demaryius Thomas is the number 1 receiver in Denver, Decker would move to the slot, but I do like the idea of selecting Wright.

Denver has very good young WRs. Decker and even now DT are looking the part. Decker will be great in the slot and DT is showing that he can be a possession guy in this league. They would be budding stars and big time fantasy sleepers if they had a QB to throw them the ball.

February 17, 2012  03:56 PM ET

I don't think the Packers will lose Wells. I think he gets a long term contract and Finley will get the franchise tag.

Comment #12 has been removed
February 18, 2012  09:52 AM ET

Rude used a winky face in a mock draft. Vote left.

February 24, 2012  11:48 AM ET

Blackmon to the Jags and Jeffery to the Bears makes a ton of sense.They would be excellent picks for both teams, IMO.

not a fan of Jeffery.


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