The NFL Mock Draft Database has been updated and a new mock munch is completed!  First, for the stats.  The NFL Mock Draft Database now lists a total of 330 mocks drafts, an increase of 28 mock drafts since our last Mock Draft munch article on February 8, 2012.

In terms of the Top 9 picks, little has changed. There is only one change in the projected leaders and that is the sixth overall pick to the Washington Redskins.  QB Robert Griffin has led among mock draft writers for months.  However, more mock writers are becoming comfortable with Griffin landing in Cleveland, either by trading up to #2 with the Rams or grabbing Griffin at the 4th spot.  If you just take the mock drafts themselves, it appears the fight for Griffin will be between Cleveland and Washington. The demand for Griffin could include the first round, second round, and a later round pick.  Currently, Cleveland has the 4th and 22nd overall picks, more attractive than Washington???s 6th and 39th picks.  The questions is, would Cleveland be willing to part with both the 4th and 22nd picks to trade up to the second spot?

Of course, all of this will become clearer after the opening of NFL free agency on March 13, 2012.  Washington has been mentioned as possible suitors for Peyton Manning, Matt Flynn, and Kyle Orton.  Landing any of those three would likely change Washington???s draft strategy with the 6th overall pick.  In terms of Manning returning to Indianapolis, we heard the noise last week from the Colts owner on his willingness to have Peyton return.    The reality is, that isn???t happening.  The bridge is burned.  The words from Irsay were more for the fan base than entrenchment in actual reality.  The Cots are grabbing Stanford???s Andrew Luck with the first overall pick and he will be the quarterback going forward in Indianapolis.  Given the rebuild that needs to take place for the Colts, that ought to be the option they move forward with in any regard.    In a few weeks, the mock drafts will likely change as free agency will impact several team needs.

The Colts (99%), Vikings (52%), and Browns (71%) have the highest mock draft projections.  Clearly, mock draft writers are most perplexed with the Redskins (21%) and Dolphins (22%).   The biggest fall this week was OT Matt Kalil to the Rams.  Kalil once held a commanding 75% projection as the second overall pick.  Although Kalil still leads as the second pick, the projection percentage is down under 50% to 44%.    The biggest gain goes to Kalil to the Vikings, increasing the projection percentage 11% from the last mock

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