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Opposing coaches this season have been calling me a dirty player behind my back.  I have no clue what this is about.  If anything the other players on the other team are dirty players.  Im in 8th grade and in a league whare only a couple schools have any talent at all, but every one works their butts off because it's Indiana and Basketball is life. 

The point of this blong is to vent some feelings about my team losing in the semi-finals of our tournament.  We were the number 2 seed and we were expected to play an amazing team in the finals that has nationally scouted players out the wazoo.  We played tonight in the semi-finals against a team that we had beaten both times in the regular season.  Before todays game i was informed that 2 of our starters were out sick and couldnt play. (WOW!, this news was seriously deppressing).  Before our game started, one of the sick starters returned and decided he was gonna play. 

So, the game starts.  I have a HUGE 1st quarter with 8 points a couple rebounds and a couple blocks, but unfortunatley we are only up 11-10.  Near the beggining of the 2nd quarter, our other best player is injured and can hardly walk at all.  Then the other team took off and we lost by about 15. 

What makes me mad is the players that have to guard me.  They are usually around 4 inches shorter, around 5'9 or 5'10, and they pretty much view me as a "human junglegym".  They are all over me and the refs tell them to stop.  After they dont stop, the refs warn them again and again and again until the game is over and I am furious that they never called a single foul.  During the games when I am mad, i might shove with my body to get position out of the usual triple team that teams bombard me with every game and the refs say something like, "hey big man, you better watch it.".  So, of course, this makes me even angrier, and I usually shove someone over in the next couple of plays either with a really good and hard pick, boxout, or during a jumpball i will throw them to the groud.  I get called for a foul, my coach pulls me aside, the refs alomst give me a tech and it seems that every one is hatin on the tall dude.

I brought up earlier that coaches call me a dirty player when all I do is work hard and play fair and I dont even shove too much in the post.  This is outrageous and It makes me wanna scream at everyone I see. 

If you are still reading this I feel sorry for you because this blog truly wasnt about anything, it wasnt designed to keep people interested, and it probably doesent even make any sense.  It was just about ME. ME, ME, ME and how im just a lonley big man in a small man world.  But if you decided to waste 5 minutes of your life, I thank you for reading this and I hope you read any other blogs I MIGHT post in the future.  


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