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After the Knicks loss last night to the Heat Jeremy Lin won't be bringing back home a win, but there is one thing he's bringing back... racism.


Our old friend that's been around as long as people have had different color skin is in the forefront all because of an Asian that can play some ball.


It all started when Fox Sports writer Jason Whitlock tweeted that "some lucky lady in NYC is gonna feel a couple inches of pain tonight,"after Lin's impressive performance against the Lakers.


Actually that same night there was a fan that had a sign that said Lin is "The Yellow Mamba."  A play off of Kobe Bryant's nickname, "The Black Mamba."  Both seem pretty racist to me.


Then came that stupid girl Angie with the video, I think she's faking by the way, where she asks out Jerry Lin of the New York Giants and says she likes black guys.  Here's the video.


Next was that coward Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s remark about how Lin's only being glorified because he's Asian and that blacks accomplish what he has all the time and don't get the same praise.  Yea, because no one ever talks about how good LeBron James and Dwyane Wade are.  What a jack ass.  I sure wish he'd man up and step in the ring with Manny Pacquaio so he could get the ass whooping he so well deserves already.


And the grand finale, of course, is the play by play guy's remark, and the ESPN headline, "**** in the Armor," after the Knicks first loss with Jeremy Lin starting.  By the way, while I do think it's something that is more for radio or a comedy routine, it definitely did its job because everyone was talking about the story that otherwise would have barely received any views. 


Comedian Jim Norton yesterday on Big 105.9FM's the Paul and Young Ron Show said he can see where that headline would have offended some people.  It's like if there was a really good black hockey player then after their first loss the stories headline read, "The jig is up."  He's at the Hard Rock Hollywood Hotel and Casino's Improv this weekend and has plenty more where that came from.


All in all, while the Jeremy Lin story is remarkable, the thing I like most is its bringing back the humor in racism. 


Face it, racism will always be around.  We might as well laugh it off.  I just wish someone would give ESPN the memo to lighten up a little.


On an extra note, here's some more recent racism from a top high school football recruit's tweet.

March 19, 2012  10:02 AM ET

Good post- I'm actually doing a school project on racism in the NBA, highlighting Jeremy Lin's story. I plan on writing a couple blog posts on the info I have researched. As a Knicks fan, I'm definitely also noticing discrimination on the part of NBA refs and players...Lin hardly seems to get any calls when driving to the basket, and I've seen several players in recent games grabbing his jersey, intentionally pushing him to the ground and getting away with some pretty obvious fouls. Probably because these players don't want to get beat by an Asian, but it makes me wonder that if Lin wasn't Asian, would he not be taking such a beating by NBA players.


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