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It''s been standing for 50 years now and only a tired , exhausted Kobe Bryant came close to breaking it when he scored 81 in a game . Not Jordan the so-called greatest player of alltime , or Kareem the NBA's alltime leading scorer who had to play 20 years to Wilt's 14 to break his scoring record . Nobody even comes close to breaking his rebounding record in this watered down league . Fifty years have passed and it's still standing like 72 other records Wilt set that haven't been touched by any player not even the so-called greatest shoe salesman of alltime Michael Jordan . Shoes when they go on sale people kill each other over in the streets and stores . Shoes made in Korea for $9 dollar and they line up over night to buy for $150 to $200 dollars that most of them can't afford . Yet Michael Jordan has never spoken out to stop the sale of the shoes if people can't act civilize and stop acting like heathens for a pair of cheap rubber . Wilt pleaded with his people to stop the rioting in 1968 when people were burning down their communties when Martin Luther King was killed during the NBA season he spoke out . Something Jordan has never done when people are fighting and killing each other over a pair of his shoes . But that's a subject for another time . Michael Jordan the greatest player ever is a joke when you compare his NBA records 10 against Wilt's 72 . If Wilt had the supporting cast MJ had not only would they have won 33 games in a row they may have gone undefeated in 1972 and not 69-13 . Jordan, Kobe , Magic , Bird , Kareem , and Shaq , could not break it and Lebron , Howard , Rose and Durant will not break it .
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March 4, 2012  04:49 PM ET

Watered down League? Pleeeeeaase!!!!! MJ was considered the greatest by most....but never came close to scoring 50ppg like Wilt did. Why? Because the League was totally different than when Wilt played. Different rules and such. MJ was a 6-6 SG playing against guys that were close in size to him. Wilt dominated against smaller players. Not to mention.....the rule changes. Nobody will break 100 points? CRACK!!!!That's the limb that just broke. Couldn't support your weight.

Yeah the likes of John Starks , Rex Chapman , Darnell Valentine , Craig Ehlo , Corey Gaines , John Battle , Reggie Williams , Danny Ainge , Tate George , Lester Conner , Rickey Galloway , Trent Tucker , any Hall Famers in that group ? How long did it take him to get pass the Bad Boys in Detroit ? Crack is what you must be smoking if you are trying to compare a league that had eight teams full of HOF'ers to a league Jordan played in with 30 teams . Sounds like you need a history lesson on the NBA 8 is less than 30 . Mj didn't break it , now how many NBA records does he own ?


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