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What a comedy of errors that organization is. You truly have to be out to lunch to run an organization the way this club does. They go out and get both Amare and Melo. Two guys that don't play defense, both want the ball and both focus mainly on scoring. They don't worry about a true PG to dish them the ball and they don't worry about big men to sub or play defense, other than the recent Chandler signing. He can't do it alone.

They get Mike D'antoni to coach, who coached the same Amare and a two time MVP point guard... but couldn't get anyone to play defense. Makes sense right? Build a similar team to that of Phoenix and hope for the best (sans PG).

This today out of NY:

Mike D'Antoni is out as coach of the New York Knicks, sources confirmed to "He didn't resign," one source close to him said. "Mutual decision." Sources say assistant coach Mike Woodson will take over on an interim basis for the Knicks, while assistants Phil Weber and Dan D'Antoni, Mike's brother, are no longer part of the staff.

The Knicks, who brought on D'Antoni in May 2008 after firing controversial coach, Isiah Thomas, went 121-167 in his three-plus seasons at the helm. The Knicks were the feel-good story of the NBA less than a month ago, when the Jeremy Lin craze went global and New York won seven straight games to return to .500 (15-15) and look every bit like a playoff team. But then came Carmelo Anthony's return from injury, and the eight losses in the next 10 games that followed thereafter clearly spelled doom for D'Antoni. An report published Tuesday night claimed D'Antoni had lost his locker room, as an anonymous source was quoted saying "he doesn't have the respect of the team anymore."

The report said it's unlikely D'Antoni would return as coach next season -- if he survived this season at all. While retired Lakers and Bulls coach Phil Jackson has frequently been named as a possible successor to D'Antoni, sources close to retired Utah coach Jerry Sloan say he would be interested in the position. Sloan retired abruptly in February 2011, and was pursued by a number of teams during the summer before resisting the recruiting efforts. In an interview with in early January, he said he was considering a return.

 I think Sloan would be a great coach for any team... but I don't know if he could make it work with this team. His Utah teams were NOTHING like this NY team. They played defense and Sloan has always had an All Star PG to play with. Lin is good, but he's no Stockton or D-Will. Then you throw in the rumors that Melo wants a trade and what do you make of the situation? Melo is denying it, but if I'm a Knicks front office guy... I actually do it.

I've never been a Melo fan, I admit... but that's beside the point. If you can trade Melo and Baron Davis for a strong big man to come off the bench and a strong PG to either start or mentor Lin... you've immediately bolstered the Knicks' depth. I would SERIOUSLY be picking up the phone and calling Boston to find out if they'd take Melo for Rondo. Work out the other bits as needed. A pass first PG with great defensive skills would be just what the doctor ordered.

The problem lies in Boston's roster.  They have Pierce at SF and KG at PF.  They can't really use Melo as a starter, without benching one of their guys.  The only way to do it, would be to shift Pierce to PG (insane, but it could be done if they were crazy) or get rid of one of the "big 3" to make room for Melo.  Perhaps a 3 person trade?

Say... Melo to Milwaukee, Jennings to Boston and Rondo to NY?

March 14, 2012  09:57 PM ET

I don't think Boston would want Jennings

March 15, 2012  03:12 PM ET

Why not?


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