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There are many things I have been wanting to get off my chest about this NBA season, so here is my rant and opinions about the NBA.

How to Fix the Knicks

I am tired of hearing about the Knicks slow descent into NBA hell, so I have a solution to solve their problems so i won't have to hear about it.

Step 1. Keep Isiah Thomas

Before you go all Ron Artest on me let me give you my reasoning. Isaih Thomas started out as GM with a less than flattering roster, but he made a lot of trades that looked good(Marbury) that just didn't turn out because of attitude problems or lack of use from coaches(Larry Brown). Also he has had great drafts. Trevor Ariza, Nate Robinson, and David Lee were great draft choices. Renaldo Balkman and Channing Frye were okay, and Ariza and Frye don't play for the Knicks anymore, but they were good picks. In conclusion Isiah stays, but he is on the hot seat.

Step 2. Buy Out Marbury

It will cost the knicks a fortune, but having him on the team keeps Nate Robinson on the bench nore and you can't develop on the bench, so just kick his whinny a.s.s to the curb.

Step 3. Trade Zach Randolph or Eddy Curry

Zach randolph and Eddy Curry were good trades on paper, but don't fit in on the Knicks, trade either one or both of them for a salary dump, or for a good defender. Unloading one of them will give David Lee playing time and help him develop into a young star.

Step 3. Keep Draft Picks

The Knicks have two picks until the Jazz have the Knicks unprotected first round pick. They need to draft exctremely well in the next two years to put them in the playoffs. Draftingeither Roy Hibbert or Kevin Love if he jumps after one would be great drafts for the Knicks.

Step 4. Pick Up a Pass-first Point Guard(No more Ball Hogs)

Picking up a pass first point gurd would help the Knicks tremedously, the Knicks have way too many players looking to score, which is the main reason Curry and rabdolph in the post did not work. Gary Payton or Sam Cassell would add leadership and ball distribution to this team.

Step 5. Stop Expecting a Quick Fix

This is for the fans and Front Office. They need to stop going for the mega trade that looks good on paper, but does not work on the court. Jalen Rose, Steve Francis, Eddy Curry, Zach Randolph, Marbury have all failed to lead the Knicks to respectability. So build around young guys with one or two cheap vets and stay in it for the long haul.

That is my five step program to help the Knicks. So moving on

The Rise of The Portland Trail Blazers

The Blazers seemed doomed after Greg Oden went out for the year and they had a demoralizing losing streak, but Brandon Roy and the rest of the young guns on the blazers dug deep and they are now the suprise team of the NBA. Which brings me to my problem why isn't Brandon Roy in the All Star game. He is better than all the players expected to be reserves and is the MVP of his upstart team so it only makes sense that he makes the team. As for what I predict of the Blazers, I think they will bow out in the second round of the playoffs.

The Raptors

Being a Raptors fan, i must spread the Garbojosa gospel to as many people as I can. the raptors have been playing great basketball as of late and Chris Bosh and Jose Calderon have been playing great basketball In my opinion Bosh should be a starter in this years all star game and Jose Calderon should unseat Jason Kidd for the reserve point guard. Jose Calderon and TJ Ford(when healthy) are 2 of the top 5 guards in the Eastern Conference. and I think the should be treated that way, the Raptors get no respect because of where they are(Canada) and I think they are going to make noise in the playoffs. Jamario Moon is in the dunk contest, and Jason Kapono(the Kapono Dragon) will defend hi 3 point title, will make some noise durimg all star weekend, you better pay notice to T.O. this year.

That is my view. Stay Posted for more Updates


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