1. Indianapolis Colts

- Andrew Luck- QB- Stanford

- Let's face it. There is no chance this will be someone
else. Speaking of Luck, I believe his status as the best QB prospect is
overrated. Then again, draft experts picked apart Aaron Rodgers as I sat there
and saw a QB in college who looked great. I think Luck may hit the 5-10 list of
QBs, but likely not be in the Top 5 conversation.

2. Washington Redskins
(Trade w/ St. Louis)

- Robert Griffin- QB- Baylor

- Washington didn't trade 3 1st and a 2nd round picks to draft a non-QB. RGIII will be that
guy. I don't like it and I think the Redskins will regret in a few years. RGIII
is extremely raw at progression reading, frail (people forget he was often
injured in college, including parts of his Heisman season), took advantage of
watered-down Big 12, and never won a meaningful game in his career. That said,
the QB class next year is nothing special and you can't do worse than John Beck
and RG1.

3. Minnesota Vikings

- Matt Kalil- OT- USC

- Anytime evaluators list technique as a negative, its not a good sign
for a LT that's considered elite (see Rams and former no. 2 Jason Smith). Kalil,
though, has all the tools and OL is a HUGE need for Minnesota. There is no other
OT in the draft with this kind of upside. Also, Ponder looked like a future
solid starter in college and rookie year, the people who believed they would be
in on the RGIII sweepstakes must???ve been delirious. Another lock pick.

4. Cleveland Browns

- Ryan Tannenill- QB- Texas A&M

- Tannehill not only has less than two
years of College QB experience. His performance against the best 4 defenses (Ok
St, Texas, OK, and Arkansas) he played horrific. His stat line includes a 50%
completion percentage and a 6-10 TD-INT ratio. Every game I watched him, he
tended to have a half-time lead only to find a way to lose. He took a 9-3 level
college team and finished 6-6. He reminds me of a poor man's Tony Romo. And he
might be picked No. 4. The reasoning is that Holgrem likes him and doesn't
believe he'll be available at no. 22. Also, Trent Richardson's recent knee scope
may scare off a team that can't keep RBs healthy to begin with.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

- Morris Claiborne- CB- LSU

- Finally, this pick makes perfect sense. With Aqib Taliq possibly wearing a different shade of
orange and Ronde Barber deciding on retirement, CB is a big need and Claiborne
has all the look of an elite, shut-down CB. Best of all, I can???t see any reason
why he won???t play that way from Day 1. He was the best CB on LSU even when
Peterson was on the team.

6. St. Louis Rams (Trade w/ Washington)

- Justin Blackmon- WR- Oklahoma St

- Blackmon as not only a catch-machine in college, but showed elite separation and YAC ability. It is possible he won't be All-Pro, but will likely be a perennial Pro-Bowl contender
and Sam Bradford's best friend. He is a true No. 1 WR. If the Rams get Blackmon
with their haul of top Redskin picks, St. Louis fans should be very, very happy.

7. Jacksonville Jaguars

- Quentin Coples- DE- UNC

- If the Jaguars want to find out if they really did swing and miss on Blaine
Gabbert, they need to get their OL healthy and find a true No. 1 receiver. Smith
already quickly re-signed Guy Whimper who came off an historically bad
performance at RT, so lets hope injured players like Eben Britton are ready. So,
his next move must be for an a top WR. He signed Laurent Robinson, who had a
great season in Dallas, but has been about as injury-prone and inconsistent as
any player could???ve been before. Mike Thomas has performed great, but is too
small to be a match-up nightmare. I'm he'll justify the Offense being complete
and take a pass-rushing DE, likely Quentin Coples from UNC.

8. Miami Dolphins

- Michael Floyd- WR- Notre Dame

- Their needs of QB, TE, FS would all be a reach at this point. So WR, LE, and RT are the only
options I could see. Reiff is trending down and Martin is more of a pure LT,
Quentin Coples gone, so the obvious choice is Michael Floyd. Floyd was dominant
in college while showing the separation and YAC ability to stand out. If Floyd
can stay out of trouble, he should be the performer that can make QB TBD look

9. Carolina Panthers

- Montari Poe- DT- Memphis

- There is always a workout warrior who skyrockets high up the draft
board every year. Poe is likely that guy this year. He dominated the combine
enough awesome size and athletic ability to make people forget he wasn't very
special in a weak conference (Conference USA or whatever its called now). The
Panthers badly need a run-stuffer, and though Poe fits best in a 3-4 with his
wingspan, I predict they will take the big guy.

10. Buffalo Bills

- Jonathan Martin- OT- Stanford

- I once had Melvin Ingram, but
obviously the signing of Mario Williams eliminates that need. Riley Reiff
struggled in workouts enough that many teams are moving him to guard on draft
boards. His cone and shuffle teams (true indicators of a OT's ability to handle
speed rushers) were pretty bad. Although Gailey has traditionally picked from
the Southeast, he will likely take the best available player at a position of
need, Stanford's Jonathan Martin.

11. Kansas City Chiefs

- David DeCastro- OG- Stanford

- The Chiefs stuck with Matt Cassel, but the team has upgraded the OL and took a flier on RB Peyton Hillis. The defense is already pretty good, with the only possible upgrade at NT. Look for
the Chiefs to grab NT insurance in Free Agency instead. Pioli was never shy about drafting first round OL with Belichek and may take the best available OL to finish the rebuilding,
Stanford's DeCastro.

12. Seattle Seahawks

- Trent Richardson- RB- Alabama

- When a guy like TR falls into your lap, you use the best player available law and take him. They resigned Beast Mode, but really need a quality 2nd option with Lynch approaching the dreaded age 30. A pass-rusher is another option, as is Luke Kuelchey, but there are a lot of good options that will still be available in Round 2.

13. Arizona Cardinals

- Riley Reiff- OT- Iowa

- Arizona has one of the worst OL in the NFL. In fact, I don't believe they have a single even mediocre player in the trenches. With the Cardinals sticking with Kevin Kolb or even John
Skelton, improving the OL is a must. Reiff may not be able to play OT (they had
two of the worst rated OTs in the NFL according to pro football focus), but at
this point, it wouldn't hurt to find out as he may be a guard upgrade at worst.

14. Dallas Cowboys

- Cordy Glenn- OG- Georgia

- I know they signed a couple of guards (Nate Livings and Mackenzie Bernadeau aren't
really upgrades), but Jerry Jones loves size and potential more. Glenn is
similar to former Cowboys OG Leonard Davis. Like Reiff, his cone and shuffle
times raise serious doubt about his ability to play OT (remember this division
has the Giants and Eagles), but he should be a mammoth OG. Besides the Cowboys
got a LT last year in Tyson Smith and are moving grossly overpaid Doug Free to
RT, so it's not a need anyway. The Cowboys can't afford to go with old
struggling veterans or undersized interior backups as starters anymore.

15. Philadelphia Eagles

- Devon Still- DT- Penn St

- I know the Eagles don't have a single NFL starting-caliber LB on their roster
and Luke Kuelchey is the type of player who you can plug in at MLB and be set
for years, but those people underestimate Andy Reid. With Nick Perry still on
the board, I may lose a bet after predicting that he met the perfect Reid pick
of undersized DE and not a need, but all signs are pointing to a DT for the
Eagles pick. Hall of Fame writer Ray Didinger said that player would be Devon
Still, if available, and I still have Still available, so there you have it.
That said, I believe Still is a boom or bust pick, at least until his 4th year
(aka contract year)

16. New York Jets

- Mark Barron- DB- Alabama

- A great safety can make a huge difference in a Rob Ryan
defense. Jim Leonard is aging and likely won't return. Ed Reed will be a Raven
forever. The Free Agent options aren't good. The in-house options are worse.
Barron isn't the best available player, but beggars can't be choosers.


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