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214 Million Reasons To Move To Detroit

A prodigy since he was born, Prince is the son of one of the games' best power hitters, former Detroit Tiger, Cecil Fielder.

  He is the youngest player in MLB to hit 50 home runs in a season and the only Milwaukee Brewer to win the Home Run Derby. A Hank Aaron award winner, two time Silver Slugger winner and All-Star game MVP, Prince was the first Brewer to hit 30+ home runs in five straight seasons.

After spending 10 seasons with the Milwaukee Brewers, Prince decided to test the free agent waters and took his talents to Detroit.   

If I had a chance to sit down with Prince, this is what our interview would sound like.

Kay: "The Prince of Fielding! When do you ascend to the throne of King of Fielding?"

Prince: "Huh? What? ...Throne of Fielding?"

Kay: "You are royalty! With a name like yours, you are a natural born fielder! You should be called the The Prince of Fielding!  So... you must be considered one of the all time great infielders?"  

Prince: "All time greatest fielders? Huh?"

Kay: "Yeah, like many others in sports, you are what your namesake says!"

Prince: "I don't understand?"

Kay: "Longtime Baltimore Oriole coach, Earl (Weaver), is of the greatest managers and is in the Hall of Fame coach, King (LeBron James) is one of the all-time great NBA players, (Don) King is one of the all time greatest boxing promoters, (Phil) Knight is royalty in the athletic shoe business and Bo and Luke are the Dukes of Hazzard County!"

Prince: "The Dukes of Hazzard? What the?"

Kay: "So, I shouldn't call you the ???Prince of Fielding'?"

Prince: "No, I'm more like the ???Sultan of Swat.'"

Kay: "So, you're an oxymoron?"

Prince: "Hey, hey, hey, you better check yourself! I take that as an insult!"

Kay: "No, no, no! An oxymoron is... never mind! Let's move on."

Kay: "After 10 years with the Milwaukee Brewers you decided to jump ship, or I should say, tap a new keg in Detroit with the Tigers, how did you decide on the Detroit?"

Prince:  "I was playing MLB 2K11 and I noticed that whenever I faced the Tigers I always lost; so.... I chose them."

Kay: "You chose the Tigers because of a video game? Because.... They beat you?"

Prince: "No, because Verlander always struck me out!"

Kay: "Verlander struck you out?"

Prince: "...More than a few times."

Kay: "Are you sure it wasn't the 214 million reason$ Tiger's owner, Mike Illitch signed you for!?"

Prince: Laughs. "The money is good, I cannot lie, but, I really like the makeup of the Tigers. They have the fight and tenacity of a tough, hard-nosed football team. Guys on this team play like a team.... they genuinely like each other and fight each other, besides they hit big and hard. That's all about me."

Kay: "After that huge $214 million dollar contract you signed, maybe you should be called ???Prints,' as in, prints money."

Prince: "Or, prints records! I'm out to set records in Detroit. My goal is simple: Win the World Series and bash a lot of home runs while doing it!"    

Kay: "Your father, Cecil played for the Tigers for seven seasons, so you must be familiar with Detroit?"

Prince: "Yes, we lived in Grosse Pointe for a few years and I played little league there; It was a lot of fun. I have so many fond memories of my time in Detroit."

Kay: "Like?"

Prince: "One of the first Little League seasons I played in, I was 8, or 9 years and I remember coaches and parents arguing and fighting over who was going to draft me #1."

Kay: "A little League draft?"

Prince: "Oh, there was big time fighting! One coach offered his first round pick. Another coach offered his first and second round pick and the use of a car! Then another parent offered his winter home in Florida, if I would play for his son's team!"

Kay: "And you were 8 or 9 years old? You must have been special?"

Prince: "Well, a few years earlier, in 1990 dad hit 51 homeruns for the Tigers and the city went nuts for his power! Dad was only the second player in MLB history to hit 50+ homeruns since 1977, when George Foster hit 52 for the Reds."

Kay: "So... the apple didn't fall to far from the tree?"

Prince: "You might say that! I was a big powerful kid back then."

Kay: "You spent a lot of time with the Tigers, as a bat boy, in the dugout, shagging fly balls and had your share of batting practice."

Prince: "I had a great time in Detroit; I really learned a lot and met some really nice players."

Kay: "There are stories floating around that when you were twelve years old, you hit a home run at Tiger Stadium?"

Prince: "Well.... To be honest it happened when I was a little older."

Kay: "Still, that's pretty amazing!"

Kay: "How does it feel to be back in Detroit?"

Prince: "I'm not back in Detroit just yet, my wife Chanel is looking for a house for our family."

Kay: "Do you think you'll move back to the Grosse Pointe area?"

Prince: "We're working with a real estate agent, looking at houses in Grosse Pointe Park, Grosse Pointe Farms and Grosse Pointe Shores."

Kay: "A house? With the kind of money you signed for, you should be looking for a fortress in Grosse Points Castles!"

Prince: "Grosse Pointe Castles? Does it even exist?"

Kay: "Once you move in it will be!"

Kay: "There have been many famous duos over the years" Jordan and Pippen, Brady and Moss, Gretzky and Messier, Kobe and Shaq, Laverne and Shirley, Bert and Ernie, Batman and Robin to name a few, as well as the ???Shake ???n Bake' tandem of Ricky Bobby and Cal Naughton, Jr. and the ???Bash Brothers', Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco. Now that you are in Detroit, you join another one of baseball's great home run hitters, Miguel Cabrera, what should we call you?

Prince: That's for you guys to figure out!"

Kay: "How about, ???Prince and the Popper'?"

Prince: "That's for Tiger fans to figure out."

Kay: "What about, Smash and Bash!"

Prince: "Hmm, that may work, only as long as we win the World Series!"

Kay: "That would be nice; from your mouth to god's ears!"

Copyright 2012 Steve Kay


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