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Get the hell out of there Mark Sanchez, call your agent and a press conference  and ask to be traded, you are being played like a fool by the two jesters who  run this team, one being the wannabe actor and clown Rex Ryan.

Tebow will  bring the same game he had in Denver, he will have that big smile and all the  fans will have a secret wish to make him their son.

They will cry and cry  until he becomes a starter, mark my words Mark Sanchez, you can take this to the  bank.

Just like the biblical days of Moses, the Pharaoh (fans and New  York media) will say... SO LET IT BE WRITTEN SO LET IT BE DONE....and it will  get done Mark Sanchez, you will be on the bench before the end of  September.

Get the hell out of there son.

The Jets are playing  you, Tebow is not in New York to be a back-up, he is there to sell seats and to  take the spotlight from Eli, Tebow will be in the front page of every tabloid  from day one, check out the headlines from the last couple days.

Mark  Sanchez get the hell out of there.

Let me ask you something Mark, in a game like football where a QB needs so much help from teammates to be successful can you honestly say you can trust this players and maybe a coach who has said many negative things about you BEHIND YOUR BACK.

Honestly Mark can you  trust that kind of person, son can't picture a miss block there and a drop pass  here and there.

Sounds cynical but I bet no one can say that has never  happen in football.

Can we agree on that.

Get the hell out of  there Mark Sanchez , please.

As always this is just a fans opinion and  from what I understand everybody has one and I thank God for that.

Enough  said.           

March 23, 2012  01:11 PM ET

I hadnt thought of Sanchez leaving. He just signed a deal? But youre right, its something to ponder with his agent (if possible). Two AFC title games in your first three seasons, thats impressive. If Jets have this one approach (with TT) in mind, it might work: use him as a TE.

March 23, 2012  06:49 PM ET

This team and it's fans will split into two camps...the Tebow maniacs and the Mark will be a media circus and clown # 1 will the

March 24, 2012  11:22 PM ET

Bet Drew Stanton is glad he got off the crazy train and took a flight to Indiana. What a godawful mess this season will be for the Jets, and it's their own fault.

March 25, 2012  12:08 PM ET

Bet Drew Stanton is glad he got off the crazy train and took a flight to Indiana. What a godawful mess this season will be for the Jets, and it's their own fault.

True...I guess that is what the Rex wants....Tebow is not there to be a backup

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March 25, 2012  03:37 PM ET

Thank are the Fakers doing...oppssss.. sorry ..the

December 18, 2012  01:11 PM ET right was I folks ...hate to tell


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