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It's hard to focus on discussion of indirect characterization or to check answers in synonym/antonym activities when all I can think about is, "Well, is Bedard with us or against us?" My computer glares at me from across the classroom begging, "Please, Bailey, look at me. Press my buttons. Find out if the O's got rid of their only ace or not." Yet there are those youngsters, eager to learn more or, more likely, eager for class to just be over. Maybe I'm exaggerating the situation - the young men and women I teach are too entertaining to ignore - but sometimes I'm a bit too tempted to give them busy work just so I can check baseball news. I find myself wondering things like, "I wonder if Romeo would be an Orioles fan?" or "I bet Beowulf would have played for the Red Sox" while I'm reading literature with the class. It doesn't mean I'm a bad teacher or even a bad guy; it just means that baseball season can't come soon enough. I can't be the only guy out there with a mental countdown to opening day ticking away every second in his brain, can I? But what's really to look forward to? I'm a huge fan of a team that's pretty hard to love right now. A "rebuilding phase" certainly means we'll finish below the Rays this year in the AL East. Somewhere Cal Ripken is weeping at that thought. Even Billy Ripken's probably a little shocked. Bedard's destined to go, and I predict Roberts will be out by the trade deadline too. So why care if we're destined to lose? The truth is that the excitement is in the change, because I'm so hungry for something - anything - different than what has been happening in the organization for the last 10 years. And even if we are in last place, at least we're in last place because we decided to try something new. So bring on the team of nobody's and the .333 win percentage, because I'll take a whole bunch of no-names and a lot of losses over the sight of Tejada letting ground balls roll by while sucking up every drop of Orioles income or Cory Patterson with that smug look of a man who's in it just for the money. A new team means new things to look forward to, and it's pretty thrilling to think I could be in on the ground level of what might again be a powerful franchise. So tomorrow, another day inspiring the youth of the nation and loving every minute of it, but don't for one second think that I won't jump on my computer the second the class leaves the room to see if I missed any baseball news in those precious 45 minutes. -B p.s. Wouldn't Derek Jeter make a great Grendel?


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