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           Is this the biggest game of the year or is it over rated as a game? I guess all year long everyone is hoping to see their team the ones to be in the final game of the season and yet when that doesn't happen you get to hear that the SB is just so over rated. I think this is what the fans have looked forward to all year.....


       And now the last 2 teams of the NFL who have achieved what others only wished to is now come to a 60 minute game. This is the best of the best even if none of my teams are there I will be having a party and watching the last game of the year. How many others will be watching? Just about anybody who loves football and has respect for the game. If I am wrong then let me know but this is what I feel those who say the SB is overrated is just upset that their team is not the one to play. Most fans are sad and have to wait till next season but they love the game so much will be glued to the TV to watch as many hope to see history in the making. And others will be hoping to see the hits and the plays of the best 2 teams this year, and how can I say they are the best well because they are there in the game and have showed that in the most crucial of games they showed up to play and now have made it to the last game. 


      Who will be the one to be standing at the end of it all? Well that is why we watch the games. So this weekend there will be only one team and lets find out who that team is.....


     Will Brady step up and do his thing? Is he really hurt or is it to just make the G-men think otherwise. I don't know but one thing is for sure he will be out there to play! can Moss step up or will he be shut down, can this year be the year that one team can go all the way and take it all? I think that of course they have the players and the tallent to do so but can they all show up for the game in the right mind set they need to have? I don't know but that's the beauty of it all and the reason for playing the games.....


    Now as under dogs can they power throgh it and win? Can Eli take them all the way? Wow what a season turn around for him I must say. They came sneaking up and no one really paid attention to them but here they are. They showed the world that they meant bussiness and proved that they are a team worthy of thought. The under rated G-men can you pull it out and go down in history as the only team to beat the Pats this year or will it go in favor of the Pats and be the only team to go 19-0?

      One thing is for sure either way it goes this is a history book game...... Have a great weekend watching the game !


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