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It seems as though for quite some time now, people have been complaining. Yes, yes, obviously you all know that people are complaining and getting more angry than ever on some occasions. Mostly about the problems on this website and how it used to be better. Well, from the perspective of a guy that has been on this site for years, I don't know what you're talking about by "better." --- The reason for that being, this site has always had its quirks. For example, whenever a comment was posted on a throwdown, both of the people taking part in the argument would receive a fanmail saying "Someone has posted a comment on your throwdown" or something along those lines. While it was quite hectic, not too many people complained about the issue because they knew this site was something that no other website had. That is what seems to escape peoples' minds here. --- This site was never that much better, people just accepted that the show wasn't going to be ran the way they wanted it to be. If some people think/thought that biased voting didn't take place from the get go... I question your ability to use a fork. --- It is true that people come and go, but that is what happens in life too, you won't get along with everyone and you will have your clashes, but that is going to happen. If people feel the need to keep coming back and pestering others because they think it is funny, then that is their problem. Ignoring someone on the internet isn't hard to do at all. I don't care about the five year old excuses. --- Another topic people generally get into about the good 'ole days is that there were more active groups. Yes, there were much more groups when Fannation was younger, but the reason there were more groups is because members of this website are the ones responsible for the groups. Did the moderators of this website create some of the best groups that used to exist like the NFL Fanclub that had popular tournaments? No, regular users made those sites. --- What I want people to take from this is that yes, this website may have been better awhile ago, but that is because fannation users made it better. Instead of complaining about the problems, they made their own groups, started tournaments and other forums. This site has always had problems, in reality, what doesn't have problems? You people are the ones that can make this place better than it is now. It will take effort, I know, but then again, you could just sit here and whine about how this site is going downhill. Above all, that is what you need to realize, readers, viewers, lovers of kittens that smell like peanut butter, you are the ones that can make the site better. --- With that said, I love most of you!
March 31, 2012  11:45 PM ET

This site was better when it had paragraphs....

I kid!

March 31, 2012  11:45 PM ET

This site was better when it had paragraphs....I kid!

Damn you!

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March 31, 2012  11:56 PM ET

I love you too, DFan!


March 31, 2012  11:57 PM ET


March 31, 2012  11:58 PM ET

Dfan, I agree with you, this site always had it's problems, that's not the reason for what happened this weekend though, at least from my part. Like I said in my TD, I even stop by once a month or so to drop a TD, to remember the old times, because FN is where it all began for a lot of people.I am not angry at the users, and I apologized to any FN member who took offense.

Oh, I am not using this weekend as a reason why this blog was made, it is the fact that people don't know how to make this site better.

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April 1, 2012  12:06 AM ET

I know how to make it better, get that rapist out of your avatar.P.S. I'LL NEVER STOP LOVING YOU!

How sweet, hon.

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April 1, 2012  12:30 AM ET



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