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the giants hitting was the worst in the league last season. im exaggerating, they were 28th in the league... but, then they decided to sign what i thought was a great decision; carlos beltran. a guy that didn't suck at hitting, a guy that could actually hit the baseball. but then, once he put on that SF uniform, he sucked at hitting... why did this happen you ask? i have a theory; he made an out in his first at bat with the SF giants. let me replay the situation, we're in philly. beltran's batting 3rd. first two giants make quick outs. beltran is thinking " well this inning is off to a rough start, let me see if i can get it going..." nope, he makes an out, but hey, the best hitters in the league fail 2/3 times right, watever. then later in the game, it happens again. he makes an out, but he's thinking hey, its a team game, "we will get some offense going, there are 9 of us out there right?" wrong, wen u have a lineup with chris steward, huff, torres, player x who cant hit, there are only 3-4 guys on the team who can hit. beltran starts thinking, "i gotta get a hit, or else we're not scoring any runs this game. the team as a whole doesn't have a 2/3 chance of the guy in the box getting a hit. its closer to 1/3. beltran is used to being on a team where if he doesnt get a hit, the someone after him will and he will get up there again with a chance to succeed. on the giants, when he fails once, he has to wait to get up again, with the pressure of knowing that the 8 guys behind him all just made outs and if he doesnt get on base, the pattern will repeat. a big reason why the giants didn't have guys to compliment beltran was injuries. no posey, no sanchez, so it was just pablo and beltran vs. the other teams 8 offensive players. it wasn't a fair fight in my opinion. sure keppinger could hit singles, but he didnt pick it up offensively until the season was out of reach. speaking of which, so did beltran, who returned to his normal offensive form a month after coming to the bay and at a time when the giants were all but out of the playoff hunt. beltran's first at bat that resulted in a ground out to first base led to a 2-17 stretch for beltran, his worst stretch in over a month with the mets. only took one week to do it with the giants. but that 2-17 was also a big part in the giants losing 8 of their next 9 games, one day after the acquisition of carlos beltran. and ultimately a big reason why they did not make the playoffs. u shoulda got a hit that first at bat beltran, then u wouldnt have had all the pressure in the world on you to get a hit your next at bat and the next at bat.... once he was introduced to how bad an offense the rest of the team was on, he must have felt it was him against the other team, with the help of pablo of course.
April 1, 2012  02:50 AM ET

main message of the post--- one guy cant turn around an offense, and offensive tendencies are contagious, both positive and negative ones.


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