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TODAY is the day. wat i have been asking for in almost every post i've written, the giants are putting this lineup on the field today: Todays #SFGiants lineup at MIL: Blanco CF, Burriss 2B, Huff LF, Belt 1B, Sanchez C, Schierholtz RF, Arias 3B, Crawford, SS, Lincecum P. everything i've asked for in a 2012 giants lineup is here. with the exception of course (huff) and no brett pill. but, honestly this lineup is refreshingly better than average. it is as though my mega millions lotto number came up and i got more than money, i got a lineup that i am actually satisfied with. cant put a price on a good lineup defying all of the odds that the manager would have an input on. i will go out on a limb here and make a bold prediction that this "powerhouse" lineup will put up 6+ runs today. that may not seem amazing to the average fan, but 6+ runs for a team that has averaged 4 runs a game in spring training, where the average opposing pitcher is 20 years old and cant hit the broad side of a barn with no experience is below average, is actually a bold prediction. oh, by the way, the giants will be facing none other than MR. YOVANI GALLARDO. he faced the giant twice last season. his last time facing the giants was an atrocious line by his standards; 7in 6hits 2er 1bb. i say atrocious because his other start went 8in 4hits 0er 1bb 5k's on just 109 pitches. this is the same guy who went 17-10 with a 3.52era and who gave up just 2er in 14in against the d-backs in the playoffs last season. he's an ace with some nasty stuff and a sneaky delivery. another reason why my prediction is bold. and after reading all of those gallardo stats, maybe a little less likely that it will actually come true. but hey, wat where the odds of bochy putting in a lineup i actually liked? this is gonna be a fun game, and i have a large wager riding on the outcome of this game (my pride) and a little bit of my ego that says i know something about baseball. if the giants do put up some offense, it will be interesting to see how tinny tim reacts to seeing numbers go up on the scoreboard that dont look like donuts. brewers are a really good hitting team, even without fielder. and they have all the starters in there today, including the dangerous new addition in aramis ramirez. GO GIANTS!!!!
April 1, 2012  03:03 PM ET

**is below average, and is actually a bold prediction**

April 1, 2012  03:16 PM ET

**two more exceptions to best giants lineup [no m. cabrera and no b. posey] sry. got so caught up in not seeing undervalued players in the lineup, forgot about the players that bochy actually does care about....**

April 12, 2012  02:38 AM ET

giants scored 4 runs (all earned) against mr. gallardo in under 4 innings, which would equal the 7+ i predicted. then in the 5-9 innings, the giants dismantled the lineup and put in reserves that did not score runs. but, the starting lineup pounded the ace of the brewers. should have seen this coming from lincecum, all spring he struggled and his regular seasons outings have been no different. this game vs. the brewers was exactly how the regular season has gone for the giants. it was going to be a good game because it was going to give you a good idea of what to see in the regular season from these teams.


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