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The latest gossip going around the Celtics camp is that Ray Allen has lost his starting job to Avery Bradley. The Celtics have been winning without Ray and Bradley has excelled on both ends of the court while thriving in his new role. Fans are talking as though this could be a big deal and cause problems with Ray. 

After all, Ray Allen, has been a "starter" his entire career. Losing that role now would surely be the beginning of the end for him as a Celtic, right? Adding further intrigue to the story was Doc Rivers thoughts on the matter. When asked whether Allen would return immediately to his staring role in the lineup when he returns from the ankle injury that has kept him out of the last 7 games, Doc Rivers was quoted as saying, "I don't know, we're playing well (without Allen) but we've also played well with Ray by the way,"

Thanks for clearing that question up, Doc! Fans are assuming that this won't sit well with Allen and there will be some complaining about such a move.

I don't think so.

Ray Allen is one of those guys that never complains and is the ultimate TEAM guy. The fact that Doc can even entertain the thought in public and not have Ray's agent falling all over himself demanding a trade demonstrates that. I don't think Allen would have a problem if Doc made such a move. He's the consummate professional and a guy who's is more interested in winning than he is blowing his own horn.

The Celtics are 11-4 with Bradley starting. Bradley smothered Dwayne Wade defensively in the last meeting between the Heat and the Celtics. That kind of defense is something the Celtics will need him to do again if they expect to have any chance at beating the Heat in the playoffs.

Keeping Bradley active and involved can only be a good thing. Giving Ray rest so he can be fresh at the end of the game is more important than what happens at the beginning. I'd be more inclined to give Bradley as much time as possible while still keeping Ray involved in the second half/crunch time scenarios.

They've been doing just fine with Bradley. He's responded in a big way...especially defensively. A role that takes a lot of work and can put a lot of stress on Rays aging legs. 

Lets see... Bradly starts, does most of the grunt work, gets a lot of valuable minutes and stays ready for any and all action, Meanwhile, Ray gets to play most, if not all, of the second half and stick those late game daggers into the heart of the opponent while running on fresh legs.

Sounds like a plan to me, Doc.

Like someone said... it's not who starts, but who finishes!
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April 3, 2012  12:06 PM ET

Nap is scheduled for 12:30... but it comes on when it damn well pleases!


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