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It is not difficult to see why the Pistons have such a poor record???they are not only one of the worst offensive teams who are at the bottom of the league in points scored and assists per game, but also one of the worst defensive teams allowing their opponents to shot almost .470 on them. Not one player on that team averages one blocked shot per game as Detroit is near dead least in team blocked shots per game just averaging 4.1 per game while allowing opponent to swat them at an average 5.3 per game.  Offensively, the Pistons are simply painful to watch as it consists of their players trying to go one on one against their defenders only to lose the ball in a turnover on the other end???currently Detroit is third in the league in most turnovers per game have the lowest assist to turnover ratio at just 1.18 (29th in the league).  And it is not due to the lack of talent either as Detroit???s roster, on paper, can compare well with any other team in the league???they just do not have anyone to pass the ball or initiate any real ball movement on the offensive end.  The team???s entire backcourt consists of me-first players who look to score the ball with every possession without any real consideration to their teammates.

If the team only had a pure point guard capable and distributing the ball and getting everyone involved, the Pistons would have such a better team.   And they do not necessarily need a All Star caliber point guard in the form of Chris PaulDeron Williams, or Steve Nash???although it would be nice if by some miracle they were able to snag one of those players which would be more of a pipe dream.   Chris Paul is already on a possible NBA title contender in the Clippers, Deron will not want to leave a losing team to play for another one and if Steve Nash does not retire by season???s end, he???ll most likely look to play for an NBA contender.  The Piston???s front office can look however into acquiring middle of the pack points guards such as Baron DavisRaymond FeltonDJ AgustinJose CalderonShaun Livingston, or even Greivis Vasquez and the team???s offensive production would change dramatically.  One of the Pistons??? biggest mistakes was trading possible hall of famer in Chauncey Billups for the expiring contract of a broken down Allen Iverson???since then Detroit has sorely missed a play maker they needed to remain somewhat competitive. (Click here to finish reading this post and so much more on JT's Hoops Blog)

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April 23, 2012  12:27 PM ET

I don't know about keeping Stuckey either. He is not that great of a PG and is best suited as a sixth man in the jamal Crawford mold that anything else.


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