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It is the start of a new era in Portland as the Blazers have cut away all ties to the previous regime that brought short yet memorable playoff glory to their fans in Rip City.  Gone are the heroes that brought Blazer fans to their feet such as the team???s All Star Brandon Roy and coach Nate McMillan as it has become time for the team to finally demolish the whole thing and start rebuilding.  They started by firing their coach of seven years, Nate McMillian who could no longer rally his troops as Portland headed to a downward spiral and finished by sending away two key players???Marcus Camby and Gerald Wallace???via trade for salary cap space and young prospects.  Marcus Camby was shipped to the Houston Rockets for two young prospects in point guard Jonny Flynn, center Hasheem Thabeet and a future second round pick while Wallace was shipped away for the expiring contract of Mehemet Okur, a struggling Shawne Williams and a future first round pick.  From what occurred on those deals, it was obvious what the Blazers management was planning to do: demolish the team completely and start over from scratch.

The immediate future will not be very bright for the Portland Trailblazers as they will exit the regular season with very little chance in acquiring the number one pick in this summer???s upcoming NBA draft.  Thus, expect to hear rumors of the Blazers to shop around players like Jamal Crawford, Wesley Matthews or possibly even the team???s star player, LaMarcus Aldridge to get higher on the draft board.  With the way the team is heading, it is unlikely that Lamarcus Aldridge, a player headed to the peak of his career would want to spend his best years on a team going downhill rather quickly???expect to hear trade rumors involving him as well.  And regardless what anybody says and what anyone may believe, the Trailblazers??? management did the right thing blowing everything up and essentially tanking not only this season, but seasons to come.   They did not have nearly enough talent to compete for a playoff spot in the already stacked Western Conference this season, and would have been either eliminated early in the first round or just would not have made it, period.  So here???s to a long and painful but necessary rebuilding process where hopefully this team will rise and become better for it.       (Click here to finish reading this post and so much more on JT's Hoops Blog)

April 24, 2012  10:54 PM ET

Blazers are in a world of hurt. They are losing the fans - and that's the only consistent thing they've had to ride on the last 10 years. Roy was great, but he's gone. Oden has drained the franchise for years. They have an owner who seemingly couldn't care less about the team because it's losing money (plus he's ailing, so his focus has shifted for the obvious, understandable reasons).

The hiring of the next GM will be the signal whether Allen intends to remain (but behind the scenes) or sell the franchise. If they simply fill the position with a body, I'd think he plans to cut ties in the near future.

April 26, 2012  01:42 PM ET

They should have never fired Rich Cho

April 27, 2012  06:51 PM ET

They should have never fired Rich Cho

Rich Cho was honest with Allen about what was needed to get the team moving forward. Allen didn't want to hear it. It's been reported locally that if you aren't a yes man, you won't be here very long. And as a fan of the Oakland Raiders, I know that's a recipe for disaster.


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