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     I am not one for grading draft's early, but if I had to guess, I think they will look back and say this one is worse than 2009. In 2009 the Boy's had thirteen draft pick's and as of today on two are on the team, Victor Butler and John Phillips. I am merely guessing that three year's from now there will may only be one on the team and we know who that is. What I am going to say is a fact, a good CB becomes great when the front seven puts so much pressure on the QB that he makes errant throws and without that the CB become average. Yes I am saying that Dallas should have picked someone that can complement Ware so he can be the Player we know he can be. Teams today concentrate on Ware knowing they can handle Spencer. I still think Mark Barron would have been a better fit with the Cowboys because of his Smart's has playmaking ability and is very talanted and also they signed a corner in Carr who can take away half of the field. If the Cowboys had of stayed put they could have got a Saftey and Deffensive End/ Outside Linebacker and a Deffensive Tackle who could really mess with a Quarterbacks Mind.

    What bothered me more thing is the 3rd pick, the Deffensive End from Boise State. After reading his Forecast, it said Tyrone Crawford was not a starter and it would be two to three year's before he was able to contribute. I look at it this way, if he is that far away at the number three pick, the rest of the pick's will not even make the team. Like I said I am not judging but I am going to give them a grade of a B- and I am doing that because they got the best Deffensive player in the Draft, at least thats what the Experts say. I can say this to, it's not over, they still have Mike Jenkins and Felix who could be delt in a trade. Even though they drafted Crawford in the 3rd round was a whole lot better than drafting Bobby Carpenter in the 1st, that was the blunder of all blunder's.

                                                     Final Thought

       There was a young man called by a certain team and was told by the GM they were going to draft him, and no it wasn't the fake phone call, but the young man was called and and said we are on the clock and are drafting you, the man was estatic but before they could get to the poudium it was a last second trade and someone could not get through to the young man because he might have been celebrating. Also there was a guy who had been told by a team they were drafting him and they had a change of heart and it caused the guy to be very dissappointed. Jerry Jones knew about this and was critical of the team. My question is, do any of you remember when Dallas called Shawne Merriman and told him they were drafting him with the 13th pick and insted they drafted Demarrcus Ware. I think the only Player that it would be OK to tell is the #1 overall pick. With Twitter and the way things are today, it possible the guy the other night could have tweeted that after the phone call. I think you will hear more about this next year.  

April 30, 2012  12:16 PM ET

seems the general consensus is the cowboy's first pick is the only one that will have any impact on the team - period.


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