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At what point does all the bad calls teams are recieving in the playoffs from some of the same ref's who have been making them all year stop . Same ref in the Celtics game tonight standing there watching the play like the players and the fans watching it on Tv . It's an obvious jump ball and what does he do , what I have watch this clown do all year he called a foul on the Celtics . Barkley , Kenny , and Shaq all said what the fans saw a scramble for the ball , players fighting for it and ties the other player up , it's a jump ball . Same thing happen in the Clippers game last night against Memphis where I watch the ref in that game making obvious calls in favor of the home team like he has done all season . Fans are starting to think these games are fixed and certain refs are on the take to make sure certain teams win . I won't bring their names up but if you watched the games last night you know who I'm talking about . That's like the ref in the hockey game where a Blackhawks player Hossa took a dirty hit in front of the ref and the ref never blew the whistle he just kept on skating while they carried Hossa off on a stretcher . The league looked at it the next day and suspended the guy that hit him . That ref never made the call in the game and he was looking right at the vicious hit . Why didn't the league suspend the ref for not doing his job ? It's the same refs who are on the take getting paid and the fans are getting tired of watching the BS .
April 30, 2012  09:19 PM ET

The problem is that even when the correct call is made, like in the celtics game, people still complain about it. It's split second decisions they dont get to see in slow mo and replays; if you suspend a ref for a missed call you wouldn't have any last 2 games in a row.

May 1, 2012  07:10 AM ET

There are three refs in a basketball don't tell me only one is watching three players scrambling for a loose ball . Then what are the other 2 stooges doing watching the action in the stands the stars sitting in the stands and not the action on the court ? What happens when a fight breaks out on the court only one ref gets involved while the other two just stand around with their thumbs up their **** ? A scramble for a loose ball takes more than a split that's why it's a scramble more than one player is going after the ball . That ref I was talking about in the hockey game look right at the hit Hossa took in that game he should have called the penalty in the game which he didn't he acted as if nothing happen when the players , coaches , and fans in the stands and watching on TV saw it . Certain things you can't defend and blow off a majority of these games are fixed so the house wins .

May 1, 2012  08:34 AM ET

Bad blogs written by Chosen Few continue..

May 1, 2012  08:01 PM ET

Bad blogs written by Chosen Few continue..

Glad to see you're still enjoying reading my blogs


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