Remember the Past, or be Doomed to lose
What the Hell? I was looking for 2 things at SF: Whatever. Gilbert making a case for being #1 with the turmoil in the UFC, and Barnett making a case for the UFC title and/or Cormier showing what he can do moving forward. Way to go Mike Kyle in showing Coker absolutely correct in blowing you off for a 205 title spot. Gilbert next. Let's see, since the Penn Era ended, we have gotten Close disputed des (agree) Solid win Close disputed draw (thought Edgar won) Solid win Close disputed des (disagree) In all that, GM has been rolling along, and with a Penn-ish performance vs an unranked fighter, he could easily be considered no1 at 155, push Dana even harder for UFC glory. That didn't happen. Gilbert got hammered in the championship rounds and looked BAD late, spoiling the crowd. A "free Gilbert" or UFC chant might have said something to Showtime officials. You know how most MMA talking heads talked on Aoki's fight in Bellator didn't mean much? On MMAranking, guess who is ranked above Thompson? Aoki I did make a change in my 155 rankings. I have Chandler as the best non-UFC Lightweight now, Eddie is better than anyone GM has fought lately. Imagine Benson getting rolled for 10 minutes by - say Dan Luazon or Gleison Tibau, would you make a case for Bendo as top dog? Speaking of disappointments, Barnett could have made a HECKUVA case for a title shot with a win + his winning streak + name. I didn't see any way for Cormier to win. Thought it was a HUGE jump in competition, and Barnett was better standing than anyone DC has seen, not to mention his Ju-Ju would help with the scramblefest any wrestling would cause. I was wrong. Barnett looked like crud, and the guy who wanted a title shot will be lucky to be on FX on his premiere. Barnett for some reason kept looking down after exchanging, and even with a broken hand, with a seven-inch reach advantage could have went with the Jones Elbow, witch he did once that I recall. This is not to take anything away from DC, who did better than I thought on the ground, and didn't gas on the fight. I would love to see Barnett vs Mir, but the loss cost me that matchup, so Barnett vs Nelson or even Kongo might be a good one. If Travis Browne keeps winning, that might be a good #2 on a FX card. As for DC, what to do with this guy? Keep in mind, He might be 10-0, but he's almost as old as Barnett. Mike Russow (if he wins) would be a good contest. Finally, It made sense that a backup won the Biggest Tourney Since Pride Died. The GOAT, one and done, the reigning champion, removed after a boring win, then a Another UFC champion went one and done, and now couldn't get a spot on the undercard at Bellator. The other UFC champion had the easy bracket, but looked bad in the finals, and has more questions than answers if he comes to the UFC. The tourney ended with a whimper, not a whimper. One first round loser might be the highest ranked HWY right now, gaining that after beating ROY NELSON, of all people.


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