Now it was a family tradition on my father's side that when his child turned 5 years old and if he showed a real interest in baseball and the White Sox that he would get to see his first game and (White Sox Park that's what it was called then people) My grand-father would have seen his first game around 1910 when the THEN new Comiskey Park was built.  My father saw his first game in 1930 and as he told me what happened that day it was a double header against the Boston Red Sox neither team was going anywhere in the standings and not a big crowd either.  so the first game my grand-father and father sat down the first base line when this rookie for the Sox kept knocking foul ball after foul ball in their direction (about 10 or 15 in a row) my father asked "Who is that rooking trying to kill us over here?"  My grandfather said "Oh that's that rookie shortstop Luke Appling let's keep an eye on him he may turn out to be a pretty good hitter someday...if he ever puts it in the field of play that is."  I think 20 years of service to the Sox 2 batting titles I forget how many all-star games he played in and a trip to Cooperstown in 1964 earned him the right to knock a few foul balls in the stands till he got the one he was looking for.  Anyways my first game came on July 7th 1967 and it was against the Twins (sorry Twins buddy this one might sting a bit but you'll be ok I promise)  I was so jacked up that day I could not wait to get to the park I woke the family up about 6 in the morning saying was it time to go yet?  As we got in the car to go my parents were telling me and my brothers about all these old timers and games they went to when they were kids and the Sox of yesseryear like the HITLESS WONDERS and the BLACK SOX and players like SHOELESS and MINNIE and the GO GO SOX at this time all this stuff was way over my head and could care less I just wanted to get to the park to see what all the fuss was about.  As we got closer my parents said to look to my right and you could see the light towers of Sox Park and my eyes popped out as we got closer my heart was racing and when we parked the car I bolted for the stadium my brothers grabbed me in time to slow me down and get me stettled down a bit.  Once inside it was way better (and bigger) then what I saw on tv and some booming voice came down from the rafters like the voice of that's just the PA guy.  I was so ampted up my head was on a swivel the whole time but I became fixed on one thing most of the time and that was THE MONSTER scoreboard out in center when the game started I lost track of what was going on and kept starring at the board waiting for this explosion my folks were talking about when a player hit a HR (no HR's that game) my mother kept turning my head to where the action was to watch out for foul balls that might hit me none did of course.  So I sat next to my father and he was keeping score of the game which I had never seen him do before and he would explain what all the marks meant and everything and that would keep my focus on the game.  Now like I said they were playing the Twins and had a good team back then they took an early 1-0 lead and held it to the 9th inning when the Sox rallied with 2 runs to win the game 2-1.  What a game to see for the first time talked about it all the way home and had pleasent dreams of my first game at sox Park for years to come.


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