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       Whats up folks?   I haven't written anything in a while, but now is as good a time as any to start again with a short preview of the UFC on FX 3 card.  The card is pretty top heavy, so in the intrest of brevity I will only cover the three most interesting mathchups on the main card.


Josh Neer vs Mike Pyle- Good matchup of well traveled veterans in this match, both have been around the block.  Pyle has gone 2-1 in his last 3, besting Ricardo's Funch and Almeida and dropping a fight to Canadian Phenom Rory MacDonald.  Neer is coming off of a match in which he used some questionable mouthpiece spitting and a beautiful Nate Diaz-esque guillotine to survive some early fire from Duane "Bang" Ludwig and emerge victorious at a previous UFC on FX card.

 Pretty straight-forward matchup here.  Both are decent strikers, not super technical but with explosive bursts of violence.  Pyle is a much superior wrestler, but Neer has better offensive Jiu-Jitsu.  Look for brief exchanges leading to the clinch, and Pyle to end up on top.  What will determine the outcome is probably if Pyle can do damage on top, and if Neer can catch him from the bottom.  The wild card is the stand up, as I could easily see either man hurting the other and earning the TKO win.  

I favor Mike Pyle via UD, but this one should be interesting to watch either way.


Erik Silva vs Charlie Brenneman- Excellent fight here between two very promising young athletes in the UFC's WW division.  Silva is coming off of a controversial DQ loss to Carlo Prater after he dropped Prater with a knee to the solar plexus and followed up with a hazy mix of legal and illegal hammerfists, causing Mario Yamasaki to disqualify him.  Brenneman is 1 victory removed from the headkick KO courtesy of Anthony "Rumble the Scales" Johnson.  Before that he famously schooled former prospect Rick "The Borrer" Story over a 2/3 of a 3 round affair at UFC on VS in Pittsburgh.

Silva has the power for sure, and standing he has a big advantage.  His striking has looked a tad wild and out of control, and thus far it has paid off for him in the UFC.  Brenneman is the man with the slick takedowns and the master of scrambles.  The big question mark in the style matchups here is Silva's bottom game, becauase it seems inevitable that he will end up there at some point.

Look for Silva to open up with his striking, and Brenneman to shoot for takedowns.  If Silva wins, look for an early violent stoppage.   If Charlie has his way, expect a methodical wrestling match with intermittent ground and pound and guard passing leading to a UD.


Ian McCall vs Demetrious Joshnson- The rematch we've all been waiting for.  Stemming from the first fight which should have been a UD win for McCall, but due to one screw up by the New Zeland commision it was ruled a draw and due to another it was announced as a win for DJ.  As such we were robbed of a fourth sudden death round, and McCall was robbed of a win.  Either way, we are going to see it happen again.

Heading into the first fight, the wrestling advantage seemed to favor DJ, but it ended up being a  good mix of takedowns by both fighters.  McCall was the slicker guard passer, and also threatened with chokes from rear mount.  McCall seemed to be the more powerful striker, dropping DJ on multiple occasions, while DJ held an advantage in speed.

In my mind, McCall easily won the first fight.  Look for more of the same this time around, although "Uncle Creepy" should be able find the TKO finish somewhere later in the fight.





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