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"The Stack" is here with a fairly short blog today.  We'll be back tomorrow with plenty of reaction, perhaps some championship reaction, on game five of the NBA Finals, but today, a lot of football so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Thursday, June 21:

1. Consensus reached on four team playoff in college football

Progress to replace the awful BCS system appears to be making way as BCS commissioners along with Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick have agreed to a four team playoff starting in the 2014 college football season.  The four teams would be selected by a committee and would replace the current BCS system.  Sure it's not an eight team or even a sixteen which would increase viewership and college football popularity in my opinion, but this is a very nice improvement and a start to oust the BCS.  March Madness is great because of its playoff like mentality.  Lose one and you're done.  It helps determine a legitimate champion. A playoff would be far more entertaining in college football and there is always so much debate as to who the legit national champion is.  This is great news for college football fans though more work remains.  What do you think?  Do you favor a playoff or do you like the current BCS?

2. Percy Harvin demands a trade

It has been an eventful couple of days surrounding the Minnesota Vikings and wide receiver Percy Harvin.  Tuesday, he said something was bothering him and that it "definitely" had to be dealt with by training camp.  Now yesterday, sources say that Harvin has demanded a trade from the Vikings.  Vikings GM Rick Spielman says the Vikings will not trade Harvin.  Big surprise.  Why would you?  He's too important to them and gives their offense a dynamic weapon that opposing teams have to gameplan for.    He attended the morning walkthrough, but was not seen during the afternoon practice.  What could it be over?  Harvin won't say and his teammates don't know either.  His contract?  His time on the field?  The coaching staff?  What gives Harvin?    Late Wednesday evening Harvin took to Twitter saying that his displeasure with the team was not over money.  Well there's a relief.  The only possible logical reason left is that he does not like how he is being utilized in the Vikings offense or he just really hates Vikings offensive coordinator Bill Musgrave.  Musgrave has said how important Harvin is to the Vikings offense and that he will be on the field a lot more this season and the Vikings will use him more.  Running back Adrian Peterson believes this will all blow over by training camp.  It better, because if not, the Vikings will have a problem on their hands.  Harvin will be just fine, at least that's what Vikings fans are hoping and praying happens.

3. Seattle Seahawks 2012-13 NFL schedule highlights

So begins year two of the Pete Carroll era in Seattle.  Year one was decent and it appears Carroll has re-energized the franchise.  But playing in a division with the San Francisco 49ers is difficult.  At leat they have the Skittles guy, running back Marshawn Lynch.  The Seahawks full schedule can be found here.  And now here are some interesting facts on the Seahawks upcoming schedule:

  • Current Seahawks QB Matt Flynn will get to face his former team, the Green Bay Packers on MNF week 3 8:30 PM ET.  That will be a very interesting matchup.
  • The Cardinals last three home games are all against division opponents and their last two games are at home.
  • Pete Carroll will be going against his former team he coached, the New England Patriots week 6 in New England.
  • The Seahawks have to travel out of the pacific or mountain time zone six times this year, but only four of those games are early starts.
  • In addition to the MNF game against the Packers, the Seahwks get one more primetime game week 7 @ San Francisco  8:20 PM ET NFL Network.

Friday's team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers


As we wrap up the blog today, a couple of things to mention.  The defense has rested in the Jerry Sandusky case and the jury may be taking up the case and deliberating today.  Sandusky never took the stand, though his wife did.  Sandusky most likely and should be found guilty, but we'll have to wait for the jury's decision...The quarterfinals of the Euro Cup resume today with the Czech Republic against Portugal at 2:45 PM ET on ESPN...And just a reminder that game five of the NBA Finals is tonight at 9:00 PM ET on ABC.  In case you live under a rock, the two teams are Oklahoma City and Miami.  Heat lead the series 3-1.  Will LeBron win his first championship tonight?  Find out.

Coming up Friday: NBA Finals game five reaction plus other top sports stories

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