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The Stack is here on this Monday with no playoff basketball or hockey to talk about?  What?  That's been a staple of the blog for the last two months.  But we have some stuff to talk about from over the weekend so let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Moday, June 25:

1. Jerry Sandusy gets sentenced

It took the jury in the Jerry Sandusky trial less than two days to convict him on 45 of the 48 counts and send him behind bars for the rest of his life.  Minimum sentence is 60 years in prison with maximum sentence being 442 years.  Beings that Sandusky is already 68 years old, he won't be getting out before he dies.  As the verdict was being read, one juror told NBC's Today that Sandusky showed no emotion, which helped confirm at least to that juror that Sandusky did in fact commit the disgusting crimes.  As Sandusky was being led out of the courthouse who had no look on his face, except perhaps a little one that said "you got me."  Hundreds of people cheered outside the courtroom once they found out the verdict.  No football program or its reputation is worth having this sort of man associated with that team.  Sandusky is on suicide watch at the county jail and will be kept in solidarity, both now and once sentencing has occurred.  Good.  You know what someone would do to him in jail knowing what he was in there for?  He would never survive.  Personally, had the death penalty been an option, that would have been alright for me, but the fact that Sandusky will never be getting out is just fine.  What he did was inhumane.  The jury did right in convicting him of these crimes.  While this still won't change what happened, the victims are now a little happier knowing that this man paid for the crimes he did.  

2. Kevin Youkilis traded to the Chicago White Sox

It looks like Kevin Youkilis will be putting on a new pair of socks.  After three straight days of not being in the starting lineup, Youkilis was back on Sunday, but he didn't last long, being yanked in the seventh inning upon hearing that he was being traded to the Chicago White Sox.  The Red Sox received two players in the deal.  Youkilis has been a staple of the Red Sox organization for so long and it will be weird to see him in a different uniform, but he will make a huge impact for the White Sox.  Youkilis also became expendable with the emergence of Will Middlebrooks, but Red Sox fans I'm guessing this morning are still a little sad to see Youkilis go.  It's a good trade by the White Sox, who are the surprise AL Central leaders in the clubhouse at this point.

3. Italy wins on penalty kicks, completes semi-finals matchups

Once again, heart break for England and their fans as they saw history repeat itself yesterday in the Euro Cup against Italy.  After 90 minutes of regulation and another thirty minutes of extra time yielded no goals for either team, the match went to penalty kicks where England had the lead, but saw it slip away.  Momentum shifted on the third kick after Italy had made theirs to tie it up 2-2.  England put one off the crossbar and could not recover.  Italy seized the opportunity and won 4-2 to put them into the semi-finals where they will face Germany on Thursday.  England has experienced an exit in a big tournament like this before.  They lost to Portugal in the Euro Cup in 2004 and the World Cup in 2006 on penalty kicks, both in excruciating fashion.  Italy was the better team in the match.  They had a lot more opportunities than England, but just couldn't make anything work.   But they are advancing.  The other semi-final match is Spain against Portugal which will take place Wednesday.

4. Other headlines from the weekend

The NHL Draft was held this weekend in Pittsburgh and the big storyline coming out of the draft wasn't anyone who was drafted, but rather a move that the host team did.  The Pittsburgh Penguins traded Jordan Staal to the Carolina Hurricanes where he will play alongside his brother Eric Staal.  The Penguins received center Brandon Sutter and defenseman Brian Dumoulin and Carolina's first round pick.  Big move for both teams that should benefit each team.  Carolina will be an interesting team to watch next year...Arizona is one win away from winning the college world series following their 5-1 win over South Carolina last night.  Game two is tonight and the Gamecocks won't let up.  I'm predicting that they will win tonight...Newly retired running back LaDainian Tomlinson said over the weekend that he considered joining the Denver Broncos before ultimately making his decision to retire.  That would have made the Broncos a very dangerous team, but Tomlinson said playing for a rival was something he just couldn't do.

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2012-13 NFL schedule highlights

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers had issues last year.  Their defense was very, very bad, quarterback Josh Freeman took a step back and the team struggled with attendance.  Well that attendance thing is still an issue, but with new head coach Greg Schiano and several key additions, the Bucs may be poised for a surprise year.  Their full schedule can be found here.  And here are some interesting notes on the Buccaneers upcoming schedule:

  • The Bucs face almost the entire NFC East within the first four weeks of the year. Weeks 2-4 are straight NFC East opponents.  The only team they don't play in that stretch?  The Philadelphia Eagles who they'll play week 14.
  • The Bucs finish their season series with the Carolina Panthers (weeks 1 and 11) before they face fellow division rival Atlanta even once.  The first meeting with the Falcons is week 12.
  • A couple of players not with the Buccaneers last year will face their former teams this year.  Wide receiver Vincent Jackson will face the San Diego Chargers week 10 in Tampa, and guard Jahri Evans will face the New Orleans Saints weeks 7 and 15.
  • The Bucs lone primetime game this year is week 8 @ Minnesota 8:20 PM ET NFL Network.

Next team: Tennessee Titans


Now that the busy seasons are done and we've hit a lull in the sports season, The Stack is going to be doing three blog a week.  If there is a major story that happens, we'll be sure to talk about it the next day so be sure to check back often.  There just won't be a new blog everyday, at least not until the Olympics in a month.  See you later this week.

Coming up later this week: Reaction to sports top stories and a Wimbledon preview

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