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The Stack is back on this Friday looking to recap the NBA Draft and looking ahead to the weekend.  So without further ado, let's get right to it and see what made "the stack" for today, Friday, June 29:

1. Anthony Davis goes first, few trades highlight draft

As expected, the New Orleans Hornets took Anthony Davis from Kentucky to be the cornerstone for their franchise.  Then at two the Charlotte Bobcats, who tried desperately to trade out of the two spot but couldn't get any offers they found attractive, took Davis' teammate Michael Kidd-Gilchrist.  The draft went about its way then with teams staying in their spot and drafting the players they liked best.  No trades.  What?  An NBA draft with little to no trading?  No flurry of acvtivity?  What's going on? The Cleveland Cavaliers and Dallas Mavericks highlighted the trading with the Mavericks sending their 17th pick, UNC's Tyler Zeller to the Cavs for the 24th pick (Reggie Cunningham) the 33rd pick (Bernard James) and the 34th pick (Jae Crowder).  Five other smaller trades took place, but nothing like we normally see on NBA draft night.  It was far more quieter.  Was this a deeper draft?  Did teams just like their picks more?  Does the new CBA deal have something to do with it?  I don't know, I'm asking.  It was an interesting draft night to say the least.

A couple of other interesting facts about draft night...the SEC became just the second conference in draft history to have players go one, two, three.  The third pick in the draft was Bradley Beal from Florida.  The only other time such an occurence has happened was back in 1986 when the ACC had three guys from their conference go one, two, three.  Kentucky is the first school in draft history to have six players go in one draft, two rounds.  And it is the first time in NBA draft history that two schools had four players drafted in the same draft (Kentucky and UNC).

Overall, big winner has to be New Orleans.  Not only did they get Davis, but with the tenth pick they took Austin Rivers, Doc's son, from Duke.  He's a point guard with a bit of attitude, something that isn't bad at the point guard position.  The Hornets did really well for themselves.  I'm sure a few people are wondering still about whether or not the lottery was fixed for the Hornets.  It is worth wondering. 

2. Other big headlines from Thursday

Rafael Nadal has been ousted from Wimbledon after a stunning second round upset to Lukas Rosol of the Czech Republic.  Nadal lost in five sets and this time, he didn't have mother nature to bail him out.  It's Nadal's earliest grand slam exit since 2005.  Nadal got frustrated during the match, but that is no reason for him losing in the second round to an unraned player.  Tons of credit goes to Rosol.  This opens the door now for Novak Djokovic...A couple of NHL stars are getting their money.  Sidney Crosby agreed to a 12-year $104.4 million deal with the Pittsburgh Penguins.  He is the best player in the game today, but he has to stay healthy.  Perhaps this is a sign that his concussion issues are behind him for good.  And the star of the NHL playoffs, Los Angeles Kings goalie Jonathan Quick has agreed to a ten-year contract extension worth $58 with the Los Angeles Kings.  This man deserves the money.  I doubt he'll let his success get to his head.  Good move to lock him up...Finally, the Euro Cup Final has been set.  Italy knocked off Germany 2-1 to advance to the championship where they'll face defending champion Spain.  Mario Balotelli is the real deal for Italy.  Should be a good championship match Sunday at 2:30 PM ET on ESPN. 

3. NFL notes

The NFL has decided to push back the starting kickoff of the late afternoon games on the network with the doubleheader to 4:25 PM ET in order to avoid overlapping the end of the early games.  Too often it seems, a game is heading to an exciting finish and unless you're in the market of the two teams involved you can't see it because of the start of the later game.  Rules state that if a network is only carrying the early game, they can not show any more of their game to outside markets once the other network with the late afternoon game starts.  Confusing right?  Well this should help fans a lot.  However, post game shows are going to be a little difficult, perhaps even non-existent on CBS and FOX.  NBC is perhaps the biggest loser as Football Night in America normally starts at 7:00 PM ET.  With the late game pushed back ten more minutes, that means less of an audience will be tuning in to watch the pregame show and see highlights of the rest of the day in the NFL.  FOX will kick off the season with a doubleheader week 1...ESPN's Chris Berman will be the play-by-play guy for the MNF doubleheader on ESPN.  The second game is San Diego @ Oakland at 10:15 PM ET.  This will be Berman's first NFL game he's ever called.  This bums me out a little bit.  I like Berman in the studio and it will be weird to have someone else doing the highlights with Tom Jackson on Sportscenter and The Blitz and Monday Night Countdown.  But it's only for one week.  Boomer will be hosting Sunday NFL Countdown before flying out to to Oakland.  The analyst for the game in case you're wondering will be Trent Dilfer...

4. Washington Redskins 2012-13 NFL schedule highlights

Mike Shanahan is not off to a great start in Washington.  It's safe to say that if he doesn't have a good year this year, he'll be fired.  But he has Robert Griffin III.  That will help a lot.  Or will it.  It will be an interesting year for the Redskins.  Their full schedule can be found here.  And here intriguing notes on the Redskisn upcoming schedule:

  • The Redskins season will be defined by the second half of the season.  Right after their bye (week 10), the Redskins have three straight games against the division (weeks 11-13)
  • In fact, five of the Redskins last seven games are within the division.  Meaning, one of their first nine games is against a divisional opponent.
  • The Redskins have on primetime game this year, week 13 vs. New York Giants 8:30 PM ET ESPN.
  • The Redskins will appear on Thanksgiving this year, back in RGIII's college state, Texas, against the Dallas Cowboys in week 12.

Coming up Monday: Recap of biggest sports stories over the weekend.

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