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Okay, sorry guys, I lied, BUT if you want me to do a prediction about your favorite team, comment below, and I will get to it, I promise, but this is dedicated to MY favorite team: the Philadelphia Eagles. So without further ado: Call me crazy, but I believe that my beloved Philadelphia Eagles WILL WIN THE NFC EAST! NOT ONLY THAT, BUT THEY WILL ALSO CLINCH A FIRST-ROUND BYE BECAUSE THEY WILL BE THE SECOND SEED IN THE NFC!!! They have an all-star team. Asomugha, Rodgers-Cromartie, Otagwe, Babin, Cole, Jenkins. THAT'S ONLY DEFENSE. On offense, you have Vick, Jackson (who's happy because of his new contract), Maclin, Celek, McCoy. I know, I know, they had that same team last year and sucked, and as a typical Eagles fan, I will reply with, "They had a short off-season." I agree with that. Now they have a team, with a 100% off-season, who's not going to disappoint. It will be tough not to. I mean, look at their schedule. Week 1-@ Cleveland. -When has Cleveland been relevant? Not gonna lose that one, even if it's on the road. Week 2-Vs. Baltimore. -Baltimore is a very good team. Tough defense. Great offense. The Eagles and the Ravens are very much alike. It'll be a great game. The 4-9 home opener record since Reid became in charge isn't looking good. The Eagles will want to take the rubber match victory in a best of three series since '99. It'll happen. Bank it. Week 3-@ Arizona -Philly is going to want revenge on Arizona for last years "stake-in-the-heart" victory, and the '08 playoffs. I don't expect Arizona to matchup well against a determined Eagles team. Week 4- Vs. New York -These 2 teams almost always split one during the season series. Expect each win to come at home. Week 5- @ Pittsburgh -First loss of the season. Although I don't think Pittsburgh is an elite team, and this is the interstate rivalry, which means a split fan base in Pittsburgh, Philly hasn't matched well against Pittsburgh. Week 6- Vs. Detroit -A battle of the similarities. Both have vicious D-Lines, but Suh won't be in the lineup (I figure he'll be suspended by then)(Joking!). Both have deep threat options. It will be a passing game. That's a guarantee. BUT, Philly has too much talent (I'll be using that a lot). Week 8- Vs. Atlanta -I wanted to say loss, but then I remembered, "Hey! It's at home. It's after the bye week (Reid is perfect on games coming off of the bye). Of course they win!" Week 9- @ New Orleans -Again, I wanted to say loss. Although it's in the Superdome, and although it's a Monday Night Game (I've always felt that New Orleans is a Monday Night team), New Orleans is going to SUCK this year. I'll go as far to say as they don't win the division OR make the playoffs. Week 10- Vs. Dallas -Same as New York. EXCEPT, most of the time 1 team takes both games. I still sense a split this season. Philly and Dallas win in their respective stadiums. Week 11- @ Washington -Philly wins BOTH games against Washington. Even with RG3, they aren't contenders yet. (Sorry Matthew Berry!) Week 12- Vs. Carolina -2nd Monday Night game of the season for Philly. Against Carolina? A team with a run and pass game consisting of the "Cam Newton Show"? With this vicious defense, Cam doesn't do ****! Week 13- @ Dallas -Like I said before: Split season, both teams win at home. Week 14- @ Tampa Bay -Like I said with Washington, not SERIOUS contenders yet. Even if it's AT Tampa Bay, I like the Eagles. Week 15- Vs. Cincinnati -Really? Week 16- Vs. Washington -*Sigh* Philly wins both. Not contenders. Blah Blah Blah. Week 17- @ New York -Again, split the season, both teams win at home. Let's see the record at the end and we have a.....WOW 13-3!!! The same records that belonged to New England, New Orleans, AND San Francisco! Of course, Green Bay has the EASIEST schedule, but Philly has the SECOND EASIEST, which is why my above and below statement will be true. That being said, Call me crazy, but I believe that my beloved Philadelphia Eagles WILL WIN THE NFC EAST! NOT ONLY THAT, BUT THEY WILL ALSO CLINCH A FIRST-ROUND BYE BECAUSE THEY WILL BE THE SECOND SEED IN THE NFC!!!


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