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Wow. Friday already. Where has the week gone? I'll tell you where it went or rather HOW it went. Slowly. Like Mike Skinner at Talladega. Best thing he ever did was climb out of that car and into a truck. Lots of things to get to so I'll jump right in.

First, I want to share five of the funniest comments I've seen the past week or so on FN.

1. "Everything posted on the internet and in print is true KP, dont doubt it."

2. " I used a condom once for birth control purposes. It took like three glasses of water to get it down".

3. "y'all are like my kids ,love ya one minute
wanna put you up for adoption the next " (OK, I said that, but it was funny!)

4. "24 hours......maybe he is a god." (Reacting to a news article that Tom Brady had spent 24 hours straight in the lovely Gisele's NYC apartment)

5. "Men are great listeners and are natural shut up and tell me what's wrong you witch!!!"

Moving on to the news of the week.

The Spectacle in Washington

We need to get some things cleared up once and for all. I know that this blog will generate some hate comments, cheating comments, name calling, personal attacks but I've developed somewhat of a thicker skin since signing up here on FanNation, so bring it on! I won't delete any. Whatever you have to say, is fine by me. That's what our troops fight for every day.

Some very respectable people have lovingly called me a Patriots Homer. I'm OK with that. I try very hard not to disrespect fans of other teams regardless of what they call Pats fans or when they post Cheatriots or Belicheat comments. Usually, I wont get up in your face unless I've exhausted all possible avenues of diplomacy.

Today, Senator Arlen Specter of PA came out and openly questioned the NFL's decision to destroy whatever tapes they had received from the Patriots. In case you don't know the story, here it is in black and white. Nine minutes into the 1st game of the season between the New England Patriots and the New York Jets, NFL security approached a Patriots videographer. They had been advised by Jets personnel that the videographer was on the sideline taping the Jets defensive coordinators. The NFL security folks, confiscated the camera and the tape and the young man (an intern) was removed from the locale. This wasn't a live feed to a man in a booth that somehow was able to decipher the plays and recommend offensive plays within 20 seconds. If that was possible, then the one deciphering missed his calling in life and should be head of Special Ops. Maybe we could decipher some of the terrorist crap before it happens and save a bunch of our soldiers or civilians lives. This was a tape to be broken down for possible future use. Now, lets be clear on this. The violation was NEVER about WHAT was being taped, it was about WHERE the taping was DONE from. A Jets videographer was removed from Gillette last year in a playoff game for doing the exact same thing. The Patriots were guilty of arrogance. Are we clear on that part?


Moving on.

The Patriots Organization was fined. Bill Belichick was fined. The Patriots lost their first round pick. Now seriously, put aside your fantasies, your dreams, your hopes and prayers, your team loyalty and think about this rationally. The monetary fines were ordered paid to charity, the draft pick was the Patriots designated pick. Five or more respected NFL former coaches came out and laughed about it and said "big deal, we all do it". Jimmy Johnson being the most vocal! If Roger Goodell truly wanted to make the Patriots suffer and make them an example, why would he give Kraft a $250,000 tax deduction? Why would he give Belichick a $500,000 tax deduction? Why wouldn't the NFL say "Hey Bob? Bill? Scott? regardless of where you end up in the season, we know you have 2 picks - we're going to take whatever pick comes first". The NFL knew that the 49ers were awful. They knew the Patriots weren't. They knew, just as we all did, that the Patriots designated pick would be somewhere between 28-32. They knew and we knew that the pick the Pats got from San Fran would be a top 10 pick. They could easily have taken that pick. They didn't. An un-named source, leaked the Jets tape to the press and all hell broke loose. The NFL destroyed the tapes. They did this from what I understand, because a majority of the owners were asked and they said "get rid of them". There were recordings of the Patriots recording other teams videographers taping the Pats sidelines. So Goodell, satisfied that the Patriots had gained no unfair or competitive advantage, had the tapes destroyed. So fast forward 18 weeks. The Patriots are ready to play Super Bowl XLII. Arlen Specter - or Spectacle as I like to call him, comes forward and decides that the Senate Judiciary Committee would like to question Goodell about the NFL destroying the tapes after the investigation. Senator Spectacle believes that it is the responsibility of Congress to ensure the integrity of the National Football League. He compares the 6 tapes being destroyed to the destruction of CIA tapes? He say's there may have been things on those tapes that Congress would like to see?

Say what? Run that by me again? What are you looking to see? Someone throwing some nachos at Gate DoubleD ? Some sneaky pete in the stands drinking a non league sanctioned brew? What exactly would a 100 yr old befuddled senator think he could possibly see by watching a breakdown of an NFL tape? He can't find his damn office in the morning, but he can break down game film ? Specter uses the Anti Trust Exemption as his excuse, but that has what to do with the price of peanuts in Jamaica? Clearly Senator Spectacle has his own agenda. Hes miffed that the NFL has the exemption to begin with, and he clearly doesnt understand whats wrong with the Eagles.

Congress has nothing better to do with their time? We have heroic men and women serving and dying in a war that was based on lies? We have children who can't get vaccinated against preventable diseases? We're paying over 3 dollars a gallon for gasoline and close to that for home heating oil. People are losing their homes, their jobs, their healthcare. But Congress wants to spend some time questioning Roger Goodell because Senator Spectacle's beloved Eagles couldn't beat the Patriots in a Super Bowl? Spectacles letter to Goodell specifically questions whether the tapes showed if the Patriots had the Eagles signals and is it possible the Eagles lost because of that? Its just mind boggling! Senator Spectacle, I watched that SB and I can tell you, the only ones who beat the Eagles were the Eagles. If I was a constituent of Arlen Specter's, I would be marching on his office and demanding that he resign. What I would love to see, is a panel of citizens. A mix of upper class, middle class, lower class - on a panel. Sending out subpeona's to congressmen and women and asking THEM to explain themselves to us. Yes, I know we have the chance to do that at election time. I can't help but wish though. I'd sign up for that panel.

Why won't you call me?

In other news this week, Chad Johnson, the talented but spoiled and obnoxious WR for the Bengals (or Bangles as my daughter calls them), asked early this week for Bill Parcells to call him. He wanted to play for the Dolphins. Yesterday, he upped the ante and told the media he would love to play for the Patriots. That he's in love with Bill Belichick. Don't wait for the call Ocho Cinco. I may sound like an elitist here, but I don't think you'd fit in.

Personally, I like Tetris

The Titans want to trade PacMan. There's a shock. The problem is that until he's reinstated, they can't. Go ahead, tell me one team other than the Cowboys, that would take PacMan ? Falcons? Maybe. I doubt it though. Ravens? Some definite thuggery on that team, so maybe. Why, are so many talented young players determined to derail their careers and the opportunity they have worked so hard for? Where are their agents, lawyers, teammates etc to intervene? Mike Vick who played in Atlanta, lived in VA. As far as I know dogfighting is LEGAL in Georgia. As heinous as it was, had he lived in Ga, he would still be playing now. Thousands of men (and probably women although I have no first hand knowledge of it) go to strip clubs every day. I'm willing to bet the farm, most don't end up fired or in jail.

Hall Of Fame

Tomorrow, at 2:30 pm, the HOF class will be announced. Among the nominees are Andre Reed, Derrick Thomas and my personal favorite, the great, great Andre Tippett.

I recently did a TD about Tippett and Thomas. I didn't lose, so that's a big thumbs up in my very abysmal TD standings. The love has to be shown for Reed, Thomas and Tippett. It just has to.

Strike 2

Gene Upshaw has stated that should the owners back out of the CBA with the Players Union, the union is prepared to strike. Someone needs to get him his Metamucil, a bed pan and send him down to live in Mercury Morris's neighborhood. How'd that work out for you last time Gene? Why don't you focus on an agreement that puts more money into the retirement and medical fund instead of your own pocket? Upshaw specifically has said, I work for the "current" players. Nice. Yeah, got my vote. Not.

Im not going to bother commenting on the black suits, the Osi comments, the Plax comments. Why bother? Its all part of the hype.

Hope you all enjoy the game. My prediction? Pats 45 Giants 19.

Megan says the Colts will win. I'm betting a My Little Pony they don't.

Have some good food, great company and stay safe!


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