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It's Friday!  The weekend is almost here and The Stack doesn't have much in store before the weekend hits.  We do have a few things though so let's see what made "the stack" for today, Friday, July 6:

1. Kidd signs with Knicks

In a surprise move, Jason Kidd is leaving for the Big Apple.  After talking throughout much of the day, the Dallas Mavericks thought they were going to re-sign Kidd to a three-year $9 million deal.  As it turns out, Kidd elected to sign a three-year $9 million with the New York Knicks meaning once again another player is leaving Dallas.  Jason Terry left, now Kidd.  What's going on in Dallas?  Does anyone want to play for Mark Cuban.  Thoughts are that Kidd sees the Knicks as a better opportunity and he has a chance to mentor Jeremy Lin.  It's a good move by the Knicks.  Except that...

Lin may not even be on the team after the Houston Rockets signed Lin to a four-year deal offer sheet worth close to $30 million.  Being that it is an offer sheet, the Knicks do have a chance to match the offer.  Should the Knicks match the offer though?  Probably, considering that is one of the factors in Kidd's decision to sign with them.  Lin became an overnight sensation with five minutes of glory making everyone go crazy and completely overboard.  The craze has died down, but it may start back up again if Lin puts up some numbers like he did at thte start and avoids injuries.  Houston would be a good place for him if the Knicks don't match the offer sheet.  The Rockets have put together a good team this offseason through the draft and they want to bring in some other top players through free agency.  Plus, they did have Yao Ming so they know how to work that market should Lin come aboard.  It will be interesting to see if the Knicks match the offer or not.

One final note, Brandon Roy's comeback attempt has succeeded, at least for the moment.  The point guard who retired due to deteriorating knees said a few months ago he was looking to unretire and make a comeback and the Minnesota Timberwolves have found a spot for hm on their team, signing him to a two-year $10 million deal.  Roy was drafted by the Timberwolves initially but got traded to Portland for guard Randy Foye.  How did that move turn out for the Wolves?  Now they have another chance with Roy, but you can't expect too much out of a man whose knees can't be one hundred percent.  Still, when Roy is at his best, he is a tough player to stop and that gives the Timberwolves another veteran who is a threat and can help take the team back to the playoffs, a place where they haven't been in a long time.  

2. Wimbledon winds down

The gentleman's semifinals are underway today and the marquee match is Roger Federer against Novak Djokovic.  While Federer holds a 14-12 series lead, Djokovic has dominated the series as of late.  But Federer has the advantage at Wimbledon.  This is going to be a great match.  The other semifinal is Great Britain's own Andy Murray against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.  A lot of pressure is on Murray to win this match so he may be a little tight early on, but he's the slightly better player.  I like him to win the match and face Djokovic in the gentleman's finals Sunday on ESPN.

The ladie's final features Serena Williams against Agnieszka Radwanska.  Williams has been lights out the last couple of matches after struggling at the beginning part of the tournament.  I see no reason why she won't win this match and the Wimbledon title.  Finals match is tomorrow on ESPN.


Coming up Monday: Reaction to the weekend's top sports stories

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