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Doesn't it seem like all is suddenly right again with the world? At least, the tennis world?

Roger Federer and Serena Williams are Wimbledon singles champions. Fed is back as the World Number One and Serena appears on her way there as well. The Olympics are looming and there's no reason to believe that these two over-30 superstars can't repeat as champs on that same Wimbledon grass.

I don't know what more can be said about Serena Williams, who overcame a stiff challenge from Agnieska Radwanska in the final to win it all. She was the heart and soul of dignity and class at Wimbledon, combining a powerful game that got better as the tournament went on with an attractive level of emotion and humility.

And, once again, she proved that the rankings are a joke when it comes to her place in women's tennis. When Serena is focused, excited and determined (and on her game), she's unbeatable, no matter where she's seeded.

Roger, meanwhile, proved his doubters (including me - read what I wrote before his semi-final win over Novak Djokovic) with a steely-eyed determination and a jaw-droppingly varied game, winning with power and finesse, backhand lasers and gentle drop-shots.

Some people will try to undermine Federer's victory by pointing out that Rafael Nadal was missing from the finals. My answer: Federer can only beat the players put in front of him and, if Nadal couldn't make it past the early rounds, that's not Fed's problem.

Nadal's loss only goes to prove just how incredible Federer's run of making it to the quarters in major tournaments is. This guy just never has a bad patch.

And, even if Nadal wasn't there to face him, Djokovic (then the world number one) and Murray (the highly motivated, remarkably gifted fourth-ranked player) were. And Fed dispatched each of them with almost casual brilliance.

Roger Federer is, once again, a very deserving World Number One and, if the powers that be in tennis had any sense, they'd simply declare Serena the number one player in the world until she finally retires. Her dominance is that complete.

A couple of parting notes on the topic of Wimbledon and tennis:

1. Both Radwanska and Murray showed us something at Wimbledon. I'm not sure either will ever win a Major (considering the competition they will continue to face) but both played brilliant tennis over the two weeks and gave two very good champions a real run for their money in the finals.

2. Congratulations to the Canadian girls and boys champions at Wimbledon: Eugenie Bouchard and Filip Peliwo. This nation had never won a major tennis championship of any kind and, within the space of two days, we've now got three: the boys title, thanks to Peliwo, the girls title, thanks to Bouchard, and the girls doubles title, thanks again to Bouchard, who teamed up with American Taylor Townsend to win on Sunday. Awesome results and great for Canadian tennis!


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